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  • Birmingham City...a team with premiership aspiration's....

    having the game postponed because of .....Frost.

    I thought we were Birmingham not Hereford..

    Isn't it time we joined the 21st Century...like them other teams looking to entertain the best and had under soil heating installed?

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    • Sorry to dissapoint you Tilton, but even with the slowest rate of bio degredation the smell would have dissapeared from the horse within 12 months, so your assumption that the smell is coming from elsewhere would be correct.

      I have noticed this smell is very strong during Derby games at st andrews with our beloved city rivals!

      maybe a solution to hiding the visual side of this affront to the senses would be for our city rivals to play in brown instead of claret & blue, much more fitting methinks!


    • Dead 'Orse buried behind the goal at the Tilton Blue?

      Well, aint that a thing,! I wondered what the smell was....and there was me thinking it was the dreadful stink blowing in from B6 across the A38M aswell. !

      Must post my apologies to Mr O'Neill.

      Second thoughts...stuff im...no I won't.!!

    • The so called Gypsy curse was as we all know lifted by Mr Barry Fry and his corner flag antics.
      I hope they dont dig too deep when installing the underground heating, we dont want the Gypsy's workhorse allegedly buried behind the goal at the Tilton end to be disturbed!
      It would bring a new meaning to the muched loved former chant of "feed the horse" !

    • St Andrews was officially opened on 26 December 1906.
      There were apparently a gypsy contingent nearby but no records prove they were evicted from the muddy quagmire that was to become our home.
      Had the gypsies cursed the ground, it was for one hundred years.
      Clubs who claim to be sleeping giants will each have their own take on years of misfortune and empty, dusty trophy rooms.
      That milestone has passed, so time will tell, will our fortunes change?

      So, underground heating is to be installed, no need for gloves then !!!
      My glass is eternally half full.

    • A local legend says that a community of gypsies were evicted from the land many years ago, enabling the construction of the stadium. St Andrews is one of several football grounds around the country that claims this gypsy curse is responsible for any bad luck they encounter.

    • I remember standing on a freezing Filbert Street terrace watching us take Leicester apart. Kenny burns was happily adding a sixth goal and claiming a TR7 for his troubles.
      Those were the days of real men, footballers who played because they loved the game not the money.
      At St. Andrews, many of us turned up with shovels to clear the pitch of snow, and the games still went on.
      Oh, happy days.

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      • You saying that Steve...I can remember going down to St Andrews in about 1967, (old barstewards arnt we !) We were due to play QPR, but it snowed heavily the night before the match. Along with about 200 others, we cleared the pitch as best as possible markings, and the game went ahead after the ref checked the pitch. I can remember standing on the Kop froze, eating a fecking pie, courtesy of the club, and singing 'You can stick yer Rodney Marsh up your a"se" as we turned over then high flying QPR 2 -0, Freddie Pickering and Johnny Vincent scoring.

        Happy days them was, and real men playing, not those wearing gloves because it is 'too cold'..

        Ah bless.

      • was watching besty other night on a dvd he was playing on a field three maybe four inches deep in mud the game would definitely be called of in these sorry days ,and fans say ronaldo is a better player no where near the skill i say .

    • give over they have only just found out that candles are obsolete in brum and you are asking for warm soil .?