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  • one of the causes of the downfall of rome was that people being fed by the state ceased to have any responsibility for themselves or their children, and consequently became a nation of wasters. they frequented the circuses, where paid performers appeared before them in the arena, much as we see the crowds now flocking to look on at paid players playing football... thousands of boys and young men, pale, narrow-chested, hunched-up, miserable specimens, smoking endless cigarettes, numbers of them betting, all of them learning to be hysterical as they groan or cheer in panic unison with their neighbours -- the worst sound of all being the hysterical scream of laughter that greets any little trip or fall of the player. one wonders whether this can be the same nation which gained for itself the reputation of being stolid, pipe-sucking manhood, unmoved by panic or excitement, and reliable in the tightest of places. get the lads away from this -- teach them to be manly.

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    • I don't see a connection with gladiators smashing and slaying, chopping and dismembering their opponent to stay alive with watching English football. (except Tommy Smith)
      I see a lot of staunch people at the ground and sincerely wish they would lighten up and join in with the songs and positively encourage the team.
      When an opposing player makes a mistake are you suggesting we applaud his efforts and try not to laugh?
      Sorry mate, but I will scream and shout along with the best, and
      long may it continue, or would you rather the famous St Andrews' atmosphere resemble that of the vile ground?
      nuff said.