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  • WARNDON ZULU WARNDON ZULU Jan 9, 2009 04:27 Flag

    new family area at st andrew's

    are they havin a laff block 36/37/38/39/40 of the kop ..more foul langauge,threats & missiles + more come from that part of the ground than anywhere else,get a grip blue's directors..or is it a ploy to recriut more zulu's...ye got to be that...who's coming to get ya it's the NEW ZULU ARMY....well you've got "the vile youth(who i hear you say)" now we've got theNAPPY ZULU YOUTH..LOL

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    • Hi Tilton,
      A whole new meaning to the phrase "been there, done that"
      It is strange that about 43 zillion vile fans claim to have been there, even if they can't quite recall where or when or who scored or who was subbed after just 10 minutes.
      I love being a bluenose.

    • Like you say James...something our fans may never see, mores the pity....but when people you drink with and know personally are playing....and a ticket.........to a European Cup Final.......what do you say,? Don't suppose the opportunity will ever happen again, and I really love rubbing SOME Vile fans noses in it (some that may even read this.... Ab V especially!!) that I...A Blue Nose of 40years standing (and sitting) have seen in the flesh, something they can only read about, like Steve says...when they brag about what Villa have done, they can't even tell you where the game was played or who scored without swatting up...my brag makes their book reading pale into insignificance. I could say alot more, but nothing that hasn't been said before.

      Sorry about gloating but I love to mention it sometimes.



    • And something none of our fans will ever see....:(

      If i did'nt like you i would say you should be banned from St Andrews for even watching that match.

    • Hi Lyn..

      Lee Bowyer will add a bit of bite to a lacklustre midfield ,I hope and add a bit of fire....I hope. There has been a spark missing all season, despite the high spot, so I welcome him and hope his enthusiasm can rub off on some of the others.

      Must pop up to the Leeds board for a goss soon,

      Give my regards to John, Vinny , Nev Andy and co.



    • See you have Bowyer on loan Nige, I suppose at 32 he may have learnt his lesson and has stopped courting trouble !

    • Mmmmm.....European Cup Final...Rotterdam..

      The flaming barking dog's.....Remember it well, two of my mates had the misfortune to be named Ken McNaught and Pete Withe..for their sins. ....I, for mine went to Rotterdam for mine, (courtesy of PW and KM) to watch.

      Oh the shame of it...I can still see it now...ball bouncing in off Pete's shin..

      We all have our skeletons in the broom cupboard somewhere I suppose.

      Stiil, its something not many Vile fans will see again eh !

    • Hey Tilts,
      Totally agree, been there, done that, got the T Shirt.
      And yes, we are roughly aged the same, poor old barstards.
      Since the announcement that Mr. O'Neil was taking the helm at the vile dump, you just knew things would improve in the Aston suburb of Birmingham.
      It still amazes me how kids, (20's-early/mid 30's) shout about winning the 81-82 European cup. (we've got a star (oooh, whoopy doo))
      When I ask them where was it played or who scored the winning goal or who came on as a sub goalie, they stare open mouthed, wipe the saliva off their chins and come back with the usual smartar.se comment about winning the fa cup, then dragging their hairy knuckles on the floor, they wander off, back into their twilight zones.
      I mean, most of them were still sperm when vile last won a major cup.
      Equally amazing how the league cup is not a major trophy when we won it, but it magically changes when they did.
      If they are going to bleat, at least get the facts right.

      Tilton, that's my gripe of the day.

    • Hi Steve,

      I'm nearer to the end of mine, than the beginning.....I reckon I'm about the same age as you, judging by your recollection's.

      These day's, the term, seen it, heard it, all before springs to mind...and with them over the A38M doing so well, and also Hull, it makes me wonder just what do we have to do to be successful. I am really sick of the 'New Sunny Dawns' that turn out to be a continuation of the same old grey overcast mornings that turn in to a torrential downpour, before the next New Sunny dawn' is announced. The object these day's is obviously money, and the league is not priority for the majority of the teams in the Prem. All we hear from the less successful teams is 'Get to 40 points, then we are safe' ! What an outlook on life eh? No ambition to win anything, just to get 40points to fill the bank account with more SKY money next season.

      Ok that's my gripe, lets get on with getting back up and hopefully doing something with a bit more ambition than of late.

    • Andy and Tilton, glad to hear you are both following you dreams.
      Keep going, even when the going gets tough. I feel I'm a bit older so can speak from a vast knowledge of bullsh it.

      RE under-soil heating,
      I can only assume a new ground is finally dead and buried. Why else spend money on something that will only be used two or three times a year, or if at all in the future.
      Why not re-build the old main stand (heard that before somewhere) and then the capacity should reach 35,000. More than enough room for everyone.
      I also hope the new scoreboard will be named after Geoff Hall again.
      Quite impressed with the signings so far.

    • havent got a clue what you are going on about Andy...with your inside info...can you explain?