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    It might have been respected and meant something at Arsenal if someone here had posted a message applauding Eduardo's return to the game, don't you think. Or is there something missing from the old Birmingham I once knew, who were applauded on and off the field at Highbury. Please dont tell me those days are gone. Hatfield will never be the same.

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    • taylor is a sh1t player playing for a sh1t club who was miles out of his depth playing in the prem against class players like Eduardo. He and his joke little club have shown no class over this incident. I hope they scrape promotion this year so we can play them next season and see if taylor has the b0ll0cks to come to the Emerates. We will give him a warm welcome the cunt

    • Ok mate................

      Point taken, and yes, on behalf of everyone that posts on here, welcome back Eduardo, it was very unfortunate but these things happen in football,

      Martin Taylor, however was made to look like a hitman, following that accident, which Arsene did his best to fan the flames if I recall correctly. That left a very sour taste in Birmingham suppoerters mouths it has to be said. Martin is a hard tackling defender, but hasnt got a bad bone in his body, and Im sure he felt dreadful about what happened. A pity it all got out of hand, and the death threats being made by Gunners supporters were a bit over the top.

      There are many examples of 'hard tackling' Arsenal players being a little reckless over the years. Martin Keown makes a good example.

      As I say, welcome back Eduardo.....I'm sure there would have been alot more posts if certain people at the Emirates were also more sympathetic towards the 'villian' involved, instead of trying to destroy him.