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  • taylor is a sh1t player playing for a sh1t club who was miles out of his depth playing in the prem against class players like Eduardo. He and his joke little club have shown no class over this incident. I hope they scrape promotion this year so we can play them next season and see if taylor has the b0ll0cks to come to the Emerates. We will give him a warm welcome the cunt

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    • That just sums up those thickos from North London, only ever read the Sun newspaper. Discrace. Get real son.

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      • Do they print the Sun in French, Prest ?

      • OK, OK. Stop trying to be victims.
        Heartfelt sympathies for Eduardo.
        Not one 'Arsenal fan' expressed any sympathy to Martin Taylor at the time. Imagine how he felt.
        This is a mans game where there is a very good chance of being genuinely injured.
        If you were to remove the Wenger glasses and see the tackle as it really was, both players went for a partially loose ball. Unfortunately for Martin Taylor his opponent was fractionally quicker in reaching the ball and an unavoidable collision took place. The referee was far too quick to produce a card of any colour, let alone a red one .As every football expert panelist has publicly stated.
        After the game Mr Wenger fell into the 'react before you think trap' and allowed his tongue to move, forming incoherent words to fall from his lips and form a variant of the logical fallacy known as bull$hit.
        He later retracted his words. And rightly so.
        Martin Taylor has maintained his insistence of visiting Eduardo in hospital on more than one occasion. That is the only thing that really matters.