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  • Alan H Alan H Oct 22, 2009 05:54 Flag

    Mackems Fired Up

    He's done a great job so far Brucie, mainly strengthening the right areas and installing a great team spirit. Best signing of the summer for me was Cattermole, but he's crocked and a big loss. Still, you've got a battle on your hands lads, especially if Jones is fit and with Benty on fire.

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    • 1-3 Ferdinand og , Bent x 2 , Reid.

    • On local TV up here Bruce was saying he doesn't know what kind of a reception he'll get---but he regretted leaving Brum in the manner in which he did or had to at the time.

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      • I agree that Steve Bruce did an excellent job with the resources he had, maybe he can have a word with McLeish and explain how it is done. Teach him some tactics too. Don't think we ever played 1 up front with Brucie and always seem to be nice football. He deserves a warm welcome, true. But once the whistle blows lets get right behind the team.
        I'm of the same opinion as No.3. Where oh where are our next points coming from?
        Unless they are out to prove Carson Yeung they are worthy, which I doubt.
        Carson Yeung will bring his own man in but he will still have the same puppets but maybe able to untie their strings and let them play attacking football. It doesn't need to be attractive yet, just give the supporters something to get their teeth into and start to believe we can stay in this division.


    • IMO the loss of Bruce was massive.
      At the time lots of shortsighted fans were saying things like 'thank god' and 'crap anyway'.
      Since he has gone we have mainly rode on what he built and now we have a manager who is probably very good with the right players in place. Eck did get us promoted after all with one or two dodgy loanees and even dodgier signings.
      Big Eck's tactics are a cause for concern. One up front?
      At home?
      As I have said before, if you were winning away with 20 mins or so to go then bring off a striker for a midfielder, tuck in the wingers and kill the game. But we are doing this from the kick-off AT HOME.... FFS.

      Sunderland are on a good run at the moment and we need to start playing more attacking football. Might I suggest perhaps 4-4-2. NOT 9-1-0 or 7-2-1.

      This Saturday is important obviously but for me it's the bigger picture. Will the new board trust McLeish with £50M if we are bottom by January? They can't afford to be outside of the Premiership so will they give him time or is a replacement already being lined up?
      History shows us that a new board usually give the vote of confidence and bring their own bloke in anyway.