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    Taylor or Hart?

    What planet is Eck on, we only have 1 decent keeper and that is Maik Taylor, Hart has a lot to learn and can do so from a true professional in action. Maik has been No. 1 since 2003. He has been the foundation of our solid defence. For 5 years. Suddenly blooming Eck decides to bring in a young whippersnapper and throws him in at No.1, if he was that good he would be giving Shay Given a run for his money and at best he is only No.6 in the pecking order for England.

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    • I'm so glad you aren't keeping this guy. He's single handedly kept you in the last 6 games. Earning you points you should NEVER have got. Just shows how fucking thick your club and supporters are.

    • Good comments guys, I still consider Maik to be our best keeper and a couple more blunders from Joe and he will surely get another chance. Regarding the left back position, I still don't think we have ever replaced Grainger.
      All the best.


    • Well if he can keep them playing like that then I'm sure the results will come.
      Hopefully he won't go back to one up front and come the transfer window will do some shrewd positive deals, after all he's not use to have wads of money to spend even when he was at Rangers.
      I agree with Ridgewell and he is definitely not a left back, he did his best against Liverpool but to be honest we were easily exposed.
      You are probably in the right position to hear more about what is going on than most so I respect your comments.

    • This is what Mcleish said after the Man City game, Bus Driver


      Alex McLeish believes that Joe Hart's performance against Liverpool earlier this week vindicated his decision to return the 22-year-old stopper to the starting line-up in place of Maik Taylor.

      On-loan Hart, who has been McLeish's first choice for the goalkeeping spot this season, was forced to sit out Blues' previous Barclays Premier League game against his parent club Manchester City.

      Northern Ireland international keeper Taylor stepped into the breach in the 0-0 draw against City and put in a commanding performance, which left McLeish with a major dilemma.

      "Joe had to tighten up on a couple of things but I thought the other night was all round his best game," said McLeish.

      "The things he wasn't doing in the Sunderland game he did well the other night.

      "He wants it badly and he's very determined.

      "He's a great trainer and he and Maik work well together.

      "I understand there was a little bit of a swell saying that I should keep Maik in but we work with the players everyday in training and I think we've got to be given some respect at times in these decisions."

      McLeish admitted it was not easy telling the experienced Taylor that he was returning to the substitutes' bench, but the keeper took his decision "on the chin".

      "It was tough conversation with Maik, but I've made tough decisions before," said McLeish.

      "I've left out big international players before at Rangers and guys who have put up a right big fight about it.

      "But Maik took it on the chin.

      "He was disappointed but he understood the circumstances by which Joe was out the team by default.

      "Joe had a couple of jittery moments in the Sunderland game but there's so much else he does really well.

      "I don't want to get into a situation with the goalkeepers where I'm tossing a coin every week because that causes uncertainty and I said to Maik I would have done the same for him, but Joe deserves to be kept in."

      So the message is clear to Maik, Bus driver. Even if you are called in and play well....you will still be out for the next game when Hart is available.

    • I dont really care who is in goal as long as they keep the score at NIL , BD. Yes I agree, Maik has been a good and loyal keeper, but we need two even three.with Doyle.., and I understand Hart joined on the understanding that if he performed well, he would be the No 1.

      Lets give the lad a chance.

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      • I couldn't agree more, we do need more than one decent keeper. In my opinion, I don't think Hart has played well enough to keep his place.
        I strongly believe that he has cost us at least 4 maybe 5 points with his carelessness on coming for crosses... against the Villa is just an example and not forgetting the Goal we conceded against Sunderland.
        A keeper needs to command his area, not flap around like a demented headless chicken, the back 4 should not have to worry what is behind them, they should be confident in their keeper.
        If your understanding is correct, then I think that was grossly unfair on Maik Taylor, every player should fight for their place, and chosen on merit not written into any contract.
        He didn't say that at Man City.....
        He has had his chance and, again in my opinion... he has blown it for me.