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  • Have to agree with howy on this, Steve Bruce did know what he was on about...he resigned from Sheffield United after only one season in charge, publicly stating the club were in turmoil and the board were useless, and also claimed that he was promised money to spend, and was given next to nothing. Obviously a club with a solid future weren't they !!

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    • Left Birmingham to come to a bigger club and because Sullivan reduced his wages as a player ( quelle surprise ). Top manager, lots of respect for him. Have him back anytime.

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      • Rubbish...Once again you are wrong dimwit. Google it again howard...he left Birmingham to take up the role of player manager at Shambells Lane as Trevor Francis was Blues manager, and he thought he would be a successor, which at the time didnt transpire., At Shambells Lane he soon discovered that the club set up was useless and resigned after a season in charge...so get your facts right howard...he wanted to get into TV after that disaster but was tempted by a managerial role at Huddersfield, where he was sacked, and called every name under the sun by the manager, who publically stated that he wasted all the clubs available transfer money £3M on useless players, and that he had a masive ego to feed. Brucey did OK at Birmingham, but alway's blamed everyone bar himself when things went wrong.....bit like you do howard..

        Any case, he would do far better than the idiot you have now...where are you in which division ?