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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 19, 2009 20:16 Flag

    Ahhhhhhhhh the stench of corruption yet again.

    So Hong Kong Phooey is to have your tawdry club investigated for financial irregularities yet again. Looks like the dildo saleman may have been hiding something after all. I do hope the takeover isn't put into question and you are docked 15 points for financial irregularities. Of course it wont happen. Will it?

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    • hallo howy

      Enjoying life in the fizzy league?

      Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. !!

      Even whinging McCabe couldn't moan his way out of that one. Face it you are crap.

      SLAP SLAP.

    • Alex McLeish has ruled out a possible return as Scotland manager but insisted the job is "not a poisoned chalice".

      McLeish enjoyed a successful spell in charge of the national side before making the switch to Birmingham two years ago. But he has no desire at this stage of his career to take over from George Burley, who was sacked earlier this week.

      McLeish said: "I said after the World Cup exit that the Scottish FA (Football Association) should back George but you knew he would be scrutinised in every game and, if he didn't get results in the first couple, he would be under pressure again."

      He added: "Unfortunately, results never went for George. Circumstances were difficult but no one has sympathy for that side of things, like injuries and not being able to pick your best players.

      "It can cost managers their jobs but in Scotland they have got to look forward."

      McLeish continued: "Is it a job I would want to return to now? No. I've got a fantastic challenge here at Birmingham.

      "I am really enjoying it and building a team and infrastructure which hopefully can keep us in the Premier League for a few seasons to come.

      "I loved my time with Scotland, a fantastic journey which was part of my education in football and it is a phenomenal honour to manage your country.

      "But I am very happy at Birmingham and will be even happier if we get to January showing the same performance levels of the last few weeks."

    • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh the stench of Sheffields finest bullshitter.........

      Honesty, in Howies opinion is dishonest.

      This from a so called fan of a club who have drug abusers on their books.
      A convicted killer was on the books.
      All is not rosy at Bramanal lane Howie.
      People in glass houses.....