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  • Pikey Pikey Nov 20, 2009 20:21 Flag

    Handball. Diving. Cheating.

    Hey dumbass.......
    Yes Howie, I'm obviously talking to you.
    The point of the thread was to highlight and debate the on-going cheating that is going on in the game today.
    NOT the Liverpool dive nor illegal drug taking, even though one player has incredibly been "rewarded" with a new contract. It was actually about 'cheating'.
    By your indifferent reply it is clear you actually condone this type of football as long as it does not affect you.
    This is just my opinion and not a fact nor copied nor read in a scraggy red top.
    Cheating will eventually ruin the game if it goes on unchecked and ignored by the authorities.
    As for Ireland asking for a re-match, that is (imo) a token gut reaction that will get nowhere. Just imagine if they were allowed to replay the match, how many clubs worldwide would jump on the band wagon and demand re-matches from times gone by.
    England v Argentina and the 'hand of the little fat cheating' Maradona.
    Would you be first in line (again) shouting at the injustice of the Tevez affair? Bet your bottom dollar on that one.
    P.S Howie. While the dive in the L'pool match was an injustice and a penalty should not have been awarded I am sure any other football fan would agree a 2-2 draw at anfield and Premiership football is better than the fizzy-pop league of wanna-be's and terrific results like these.....
    Coventry 3-2 sheff utd
    sheff u 3-3 Ipswich despite leading three times.
    A 1-1 home draw against the mighty Doncaster (no offence meant to donny)
    Scunthorpe 3-1 sheff u. Oops.
    Blackpool 3-0 another loss to a top side.
    3-4 home to Cardiff. Made great viewing for the neutral.
    0-1 home to Newcastle. You need to be able to compete with the big boys if you have promotional aspirations.
    Hardly inspiring stuff.
    Is that why you plague these boards looking for solstice and an argument to relieve the tremendous pressure of following (from the proverbial armchair) a shit team who harbour druggies, killers and demented chairmen? Perhaps.
    You even have the audacity to question the morals and honesty of Mr Yeung when he highlights a "possible" problem.

    One last thing. What is the point of the BOGOF thread?
    Firstly he is no longer connected to our top flight club and secondly he is talking to West Ham.
    Maybe you should post it on their board instead.
    Tell you what, I'll save you the bother.
    I have already done it for you.
    No Howie. No, really. No no.........there really is no need to thank me...