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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 21, 2009 18:40 Flag

    Handball. Diving. Cheating.

    For reference it was the 2006/7season? You don't need to point out which season it was howardbullshit, it was the only season your motley crew were disgraced in the Prem in the last 10 years, just passing through weren't you, and bellyached about being rightfully relegated. The prem is far better off without you scum. Go on bullshitter...Google away all you like sonny, were you there? Not a chance, read it in the papers didn't you. Armchair comfortable was it?

    What have you lot won scince 1925 howybullshit? Go on Google that....and come back with a bigger and better bite than that last one where Steve has made you look siller than tattoo and Roy did !

    Clockwork soldier ! Click Click Whurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    Tap the drum howybullshit !


    Come on you Irons