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    New Board Very Promising

    Last weekend the new Birmingham City board invited supporters groups from all over the globe to St Andrews, Lunch with the Chairman free admission & had talks on the way forward as the fans see it, they listened to suggestions & promised to do this 3 times a year, while also promising to send out a player with signed balls, shirts etc.

    The impression our guys (In Ireland) got was superb, it genuinly seems like this guys are going to take it to the next level!

    I was sorry to see Karen Brady go as well as the Gold's & O'Sullivan, but it looks like we will be in very good hands!

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    • To be fair BN, I think we all were very apprehensive about the take over. First impression is very favourable I must say. Looking forward now to the new players and establishing ourselves in our rightful place, in the Prem

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      • It seems as if some negative force was holding the players back.
        Or was Sullivan telling Big Eck to make sure he did not loose which explains one striker.
        Strange because as soon as he went tactics changed to 4-4-2. It is as if a new lease of life has been spread through-out the whole club from the cleaners to the fans to the team.
        Have they been hypnotised and think they are fcuking Man Utd?
        Either way, who cares as long as they play their best and give their all and try to stay in this division.
        I was very sceptical at the time but Top Marks so far.