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  • nosieblue nosieblue Dec 2, 2009 23:02 Flag

    lee bowyer

    Hey Zulu to all those doubters I'll save a slice of my humble pie I will even Msleashes feet in pennence.What do i know?

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    • now dont take this wrong, i actually like it when you boys do well.

      but listening to you guys trying defend the thug miester is bloody hilarious.

      villa til i die.

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      • Its funny you say that, Roy Keane for example, not a racist thug ? See him on youtube having a go at Patrick Viera a big strong black lad, surely by the present yardstick that was racist ? If not, see him "attack" Alf Inge Haarland and put an end to his career? Is racism only extended to Asian or black people or crippling a poor scandinavian man , does that not sneak in by the back door ? One thing though, Keane most certainly is a thug but very few people ever state that or remember him for being such. At least with Bowyer he faced up to them and they had a chance to give as good as they got. And before we start on about a " gang" chasing Safraz in Leeds, the evidence was inconclusive as to who did what, hence the lack of a conviction.

      • Come on Mike !!...Its all very well for you sunning yourself in Barca...but mate, we here in cold wet Brum, Lee is a ray of sunshine, a mirage on the horizon , a sign of better things to come.........

        Just hope that the Chinese are as true as their word, and the cheque for £40M is already burning a hole in big Eck's back pocket....

        Or will they be as miserly as your board..or hopefully Eck will be as shrewd as MoN?

        Only time will tell.