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  • warwickshire zulu warwickshire zulu Nov 30, 2009 01:28 Flag

    lee bowyer

    i think st andrews has a new legend!! And to all you doubters who didnt even want lee at blues SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU !!! HA HA

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    • The important thing Richard is that Lee wants to play for Blues, not just his paypacket...and it show's !

    • Hey Zulu to all those doubters I'll save a slice of my humble pie I will even Msleashes feet in pennence.What do i know?

    • fcuking hell 4 goals and the thugs a legend!!! Things must be desperate.

    • Reading all this stuff and smiling to myself of how fickle public opinion can be. If the guy hadn't scored a few goals this season and was looking for a move, what would the general feeling be towards him then.

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      • The same feelings as applied to David Beckham following his sending off in the World Cup, possibly Al, but the question here should not be what did he do or not do in Leeds City centre years ago, but what can he do, no IS doing, on the football pitch.
        Undoubtedly he has been involved in incidents in the past that he wouldn't be proud of, was he found guilty of that incident in Leeds? No... can anyone say that they haven't done things in their past that they wish had never happened.? Anyone ? Who will throw the first stone eh? A certain Lee Hughes once of Kidderminster, Albion and Coventry...killed two people in a car 'accident' whilst driving under the influence of drink and drugs, got 6.5 years....is now a 'hero' at Notts County..does anyone hypothetically rip him to pieces? Not at all. He would/should out of the game if all you holier than thou shame mongers had your way !! , Hughes destroyed that family....The league is littered with players who have fallen foul of the law, and got found guilty, no point in naming them, you know who they are, but do they get the same treatment as Bowyer...No...what is worse, alleged to having a scrap in the street or wiping out someones family?
        Newcastle's Barton shoved a lit cigar in a young players eye, broke a teammates jaw, beat someone up in the town centre, ended up in Strangeways...does he get vilified like Bowyer? I don't think so. Lets leave the guy alone and let him get on with his trade, which he is good at, and appreciate that, rather than highlighting his past which a court cleared him of!

    • Bluenoserisis,
      I am not disagreeing with you or anyone.
      Just saying his actions some ten years ago were felt to be racist by the accusers the police and the CPS but not the magistrates or judges.
      Some illiterate, 'so called fans' of other clubs (they know who they are) have called Bowyer a racist thug because of his past actions.
      He was acquitted both times if my memory serves me correct.
      It highlights the fickle nature of these 'so called fans'.
      Jealousy springs to mind on the football field.

    • Why do you continually ignore the question asked, and reply with abuse and avoiding the question howard. ??

      Which court convicted Bowyer.? Now regardless of what people do for a living, people you know fcuk all about, yet ASSUME, big shot... the point is simple here, WHICH court convicted Bowyer..? Answer the damn question. Labeling a guy a thug, yet you have no evdence to back it up ! Unlike Kenny, he was found NOT GUILTY !!!

      Kenny, on the other hand was convicted,...appeal upheld. !! Twist it anyway you want, but he still serving a 9 month ban because he was found guilty ! THAT is fact !

    • Who gives a fcuk. Its true. Swallow it and weep moron.

    • Was that a rattle I just saw flying out of your pram, howard ?

    • Howie, howie, Howie....
      The word thug;
      Both of our definitions are correct.
      They are the same.
      They only differ where yours starts in the 1830's and goes back 300 odd years.
      Mine starts in the 1500's and progresses 300 odd years.
      Read mine carefully.
      Read yours carefully.
      Digest them. Ingest them. Learn from them.
      Here is another "Classic Quote of the Day" from the resident fruitcake. Howy0096.
      "Oh I forgot you don't know the difference between Literature and Geography do you? Easily confused among inbreds I should imagine."
      Oh yes, like Wolverhampton is in Birmingham?
      And Afghanistan is in the Far East?
      Have you been at your sister again?
      Think before you spill drivel from your uncontrollable jaws.
      My oh my....

    • I would like to think my reply was civil and to the point Steve. I note that howy posted his first post on our board at 19:06 again at 19:11hrs, then posted a further 8 posts on his own board. With the exception of the Lee Bowyer post, none are worthy of reply, just infantile ramblings. He must have got home at approx 7pm and literally run onto the PC to see what was posted, and went onto OUR board first. !! He must therefore know who is the bigger club !!

      My reply to the Lee Bowyer post he put up, disregarding his usual insults and ridiculas jibes, is constructive, and factual, and asking howard for a reasonable response. He must have seen it as I note he again posted on his board at 21:52hrs.

      By the mere fact there is no reply surely proves WE are right, he has no answer, and Lee Bowyer is being unfairly treated.

      Nothing more to say on that.

      LONG LIVE LEE !!!

      (or LLL for short)




      LLL !!

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