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  • warwickshire zulu warwickshire zulu Nov 30, 2009 01:28 Flag

    lee bowyer

    i think st andrews has a new legend!! And to all you doubters who didnt even want lee at blues SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU !!! HA HA

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    • The important thing Richard is that Lee wants to play for Blues, not just his paypacket...and it show's !

    • Bluenoserisis,
      I am not disagreeing with you or anyone.
      Just saying his actions some ten years ago were felt to be racist by the accusers the police and the CPS but not the magistrates or judges.
      Some illiterate, 'so called fans' of other clubs (they know who they are) have called Bowyer a racist thug because of his past actions.
      He was acquitted both times if my memory serves me correct.
      It highlights the fickle nature of these 'so called fans'.
      Jealousy springs to mind on the football field.

    • Steve
      Yea I know that, didnt mean to sound like I was having a go,I wasnt! Fking Priests,Nuns & Monks have ruined thousands of lives in Ireland!
      I agree with your views on Bowyer, he deserved a chance,I didnt agree with the people that signed a petition a couple of years ago to keep him out!
      If he was racist I would not want him at the club!- I see no sign of this from his time with us!

      I respect you have a level head Steve!
      we are in good shape as a club, the new owners are starting by going into every nook & cranny of the club & looking how to improve from the grassroots up, very professional so far!

    • The "attack" in which Bowyer was involved was "only" racist because a person of another race was involved. It was a drunken fight, no different to many hundreds that happen every week all over the UK, but as we all now know, the Police and CPS label a fight involving a person of colour racial regardless.And, if the Police stop and search a person of colour, they are now equally branded as racist, and guess what ? It will get worse !!!

    • Bluenoseritis;
      Hey my friend, I know you were not 'having a go'. Peace.
      The reference to monks and nuns was merely meant as a 'holier than thou' attitude by certain other fans, and some of our own. (the petition you have already mentioned)
      It just proves my point that 99.9% of people have a marred history. We all know there is corruption in high places and the churches, mosques, synagogues and wherever else of ALL faiths are not squeaky clean, not by a long chalk.

      This racist attitude that is lying just under the surface and on the streets is going to explode one day.

    • Hey Zulu to all those doubters I'll save a slice of my humble pie I will even Msleashes feet in pennence.What do i know?

    • steve, cracking star score on that one.

      as i said i was not commenting to have a pop.

      just making the point that when he came up as a signing, many of you felt he should be hung, drawn and quartered before he should don the blue and white. now he has repaid that with a few goals and top performances his descresions are being put into the minor misdemeanor catagory. funny.....

      as for pennant the tag wearing scum bag, who am i to argue with martin, i mean everytime i slag him or his actions he proves that i am a complete know f all tw@ and that there is a reason that he earns more a week than i earn a decade.

      as for the snow it may well be coming, at the moment im sat at home in benidorm fire on and piggin freezin, hey ho.. no cavity wall or loft insulation here.

      villa till i die

    • You are right of course Lyn.

      But why can only white people be racist.?

      One of the mysteries of life i suppose.

    • Ditto on that one Nige !

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