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  • 6th !!! in the Prem!!! say it again...6th in the Prem !!!

    Just back from the game, and what a game.! Top marks to Blackburn for trying to make a game of it. But the relentless Blues machine rolls on. !

    Now this issue about the empty seats that our racist 'friend' howy from Sheffield keeps banging on about. I took time out to spot the empty seats tonight. If we have any control over the sale of seats to the opposing side, then we are guilty, ....but we don't. The Railway End (Gill Merrick stand) seats are empty because the Police sate that no away supporters seats can be sold to home fans if they remain unsold by the away club...so they remain empty. Enough said Racist ????

    Keep watching your fizzy pop losers on SKY son...WE ARE PREMIER LEAGUE...I said WE ARE PREMIER LEAGUE !!!

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    • Brilliant game last night, we are now playing like a team that wants to win and fighting for everything.
      Although I have been very critical of Joe Hart I have to admit he is learning fast and maybe he will make a decent keeper, I noticed last night that again he sometimes gets rid of the ball too quickly and he is not really commanding his area on at least two occasions the defenders were forced into panic defending when, if they had had more confidence in Joe it would have been handled more comfortably and more to our favour.
      However after 8 games unbeaten and sitting 6th in the league just before Christmas is more than most of us expected. While we are in this position we are a team that players will want to come to now so, lets see what the transfer window has in store for us, we can only get better.

    • Every dog has its day. This is yours. It wont last.

    • we are 2 players from being a top 6 team(at the end of the season-barring injuries),a fast,tall athletic left back & a tall striker that is clinical!great game last night,for 30 minutes in the first half we played like Brazil!

    • very entertaining game, but typical blues made us bite our nails for a while haha. Don't worry about benitez either, the goals will come for him soon enough, the rest of his game looks very good as does his pace alongside jerome. There is the backbone of a very good team, just like there was circa 2004, but back then there was a lack of investment in players and we seemed to fall apart. Please dont let it happen again, i hope mr yeung is true to his word and gives big eck the cash he needs to make some quality signings.