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  • busdriver busdriver Dec 21, 2009 19:15 Flag


    I forecasted the draw at Everton now let’s beat a wobbly Chelsea to give me the 4 points I predicted for the festive period.
    We didn't play well and could say we were fortunate to get a point, but that is the beauty of our wonderful game... the uncertainty of a result.
    We were denied the win at Liverpool so we are now even, all players try their luck, and look at Stephen Taylor against Middlesboro when he handled a goal bound shot.
    I think we need technology for these kind of decisions because there is so much at stake these days but it will make the after match banter in pubs, workplaces and these pages a bit boring with nothing to complain about… Could you imagine a Monday morning without Sir Alec’s rant of the weekend.
    Who would have thought Fulham beating Man U. or Portsmouth outplaying Liverpool?
    As a long suffering supporter of the Blues we deserve our little bits of luck and we are guaranteed to start 2010 in the top half of the table lets just hope we are still there come the end of the season.

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