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    What a funny league this is..

    Three teams promoted, Wolves ran away with it in the end yet are struggling....Lets be fair..I keep raising this point, if Kev Phillips hadn't scored 20 seconds from the end ofthe game in the 93rd minute, in our FIRST game of the Championship season, Blades and not us would have been playing Chelsea today. Burnley are keeping afloat on the strength of their home form.....Will it be enough?

    Previous seasons show that One promoted team will get relegated straight back down, one will struggle and maybe stay up by the skin of the teeth, maybe not and one will do well. True to form this apperars to be happening, BUT WHO can put their hand on their heart and say they thought it would be Brum. doing well..anyone ? I can't. So what is this all down to?

    Was McCleish being held in a stranglehold by the old board, and now has a mandate to manage and play the game as he sees fit ? Too much of a coincidence if you ask me.

    The game today was a fair result. Chuchos goal was good, but in fairness, Joey Hart kept us in it. Another point on the scoreboard, 4 more wins will see us home and dry...and who thought we could say that at the seasons start. Bring on the Villa I say.!

    Right I'm off for a Chinese. Mr Yeung what do you recommend?

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    • Well certainly not anything with Chicken in it when you think of how Brum are playing !

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      • Hi Nige and Bats,
        Big Eck is getting on with his job in a quiet but determined fashion.
        I really like his outlook on the game, the way he avoids putting blame on the officials for poor decisions.
        Personally, I would like to thank Mr Atwell for disallowing the Saha goal and believe Mr Walton should visit Spec-Savers.

        Several of us on these very threads (Nige, Waldon, Steve M(me) plus others) were screaming out until mid October to "play 4-4-2". Sullivan heads off to pastures new and behold, a whole new team is born.......
        ......Well actually it's the same side, playing in a more traditional Brummie line up.
        Mr 0069 calls us Birmingham-nil. He is trying to be funny but he is actually right. Look at our goals against column, how many times have we kept a clean sheet? EIGHT.
        The rest of the question Mr 0069 leaves out is "How many will you score against Birmingham. Nil.


        PS, Busdriver was the thickness of a spectacle lens to predicting this one correctly.
        What are the lottery numbers for next week?
        Whisper them to me otherwise everyone will want a piece of the pie...