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  • And so the dream goes on, another impressive result.
    Great to see Chucho and Barry Ferguson scoring; the build up for both goals was excellent and again Joe Hart earned us a result along with every other member of the team for some brave defending.
    We all know that this exceptional run will come to an end and I think sooner rather than later and too a degree I think the players do to as they are under pressure to maintain it, better than the pressure we are use to in a relegation fight though.
    I too was one of those who thought we would see major changes at Management level and didn't think that Big Eck had it in him.... Makes you wonder what restraints were put upon him by the previous board.
    Still a week of the transfer window to go so could see some serious action this week.
    Chelsea on Wednesday will be a tough nut to crack but I think we can come away with something.
    Keep it up lads and keep the faith.