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    So we have apparently had a £4M bid accepted.
    He has been on loan at Pompey.
    I don't know a lot about him so I popped over to Wiki.
    This is the first line....
    "Aruna Dindane (born 26 November 1980 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast) is an Ivorian footballer who plays for Birmingham City as a striker."
    He has scored 90 in 264 club games and 16 in 54 internationals.
    When I glanced at SSN I thought it said Zidane....

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    • £23M over 3 years plus the rest of this season.
      That includes signing on fees, agent fees, forecasted wages, bonuses etc for Pav.
      In Big Eck we trust.....

    • I agree £23m is a heck of a lot of money.
      We could do with a renowned striker to help out but not to the tune of £23m.
      There are cheaper options for the foreseeable future and then rebuild in the summer.
      I think Tottenham are taking the p asking for that kind of money too.

    • hahahahahahah it sthe cut price version. I'l sing it now shall I ? what a waste of money

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      • Same is said about the whole Sheff Ulited team.
        And Yeats...who's he?
        Harper, the Arsenal cast off...not even god enough for Reading....great signing that, heh heh.
        Cresswell...a Stoke reject not good enough for the Premier League strugglers.
        And now KB wants to bring in that much sought after defender Leon Barnett. West Brom do not rate him and Coventry might offer him a contract.
        Cotterill and Kilgallon had the sense to join 'bigger' and 'more ambitious' clubs.
        All these 'big' (on the cheap) signings must have the rest of the Championship quaking in their boots.
        If this is the best McCabe and Blackwell can do with the hand out from West Ham United (another Premier League team) then soon your fickle fans will be moving clubs along with 'Wardy' (whoever he is)