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    Nigel (Tilton) offered a truce to Howy.
    His reply "I've told you already I will NOT be engaged in ANY type of debate about football or anything else come to that with you. I WOULDN'T PISS ON YOU IF YOU WERE ON FIRE get it?..... i'll just prepare another tin of spam for the Birmingham board. "
    Nigel Confirmed "So I assume you reject the kind offer of a truce then ? "
    A third party observed "I see Nige has offered Howie a deal to end this, if Howie refuses, he deserves all he gets"
    As you can see by all the shit Plastic Blade spits out he has decided to refuse the offer.
    Oh Well....

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    • A truce? on the terms of scum like you. Go fuck yourself.

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      • "He giving you one to?"
        tut tut Plastic Blade. It should read 'Is he giving you one too?'
        The pronoun 'He' with a capital 'H' means you are referring to God.
        Now some free advise on the Mother tongue Plastic Blade.
        Categorize "too" as an adverb. An adverb is similar to an adjective, but rather than modifying a noun or pronoun, an adverb modifies all words that are not nouns or pronouns. The word that an adverb modifies most often is a verb.
        You cannot use 'to' at the end of your sentence, a preposition indicates the directional, spatial or logical relationship of its object to the rest of the sentence.
        Get it?
        Or is this, along with football, way way over your thick empty head?

    • I know it sounds awful, but I get a kick out of Howy!

      I imagine this poor 30+ year old, balding, slightly tubby guy,on the short side- living with his Mummy!
      No friends, scared of trying to get together with a nice girl. His only real satisfaction is thinking he is winding up a load of Brummies on this board, sad, really sad!

      I suppose he always has Internet porn!

      Poor Bstard !