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  • nosieblue nosieblue Mar 6, 2010 23:03 Flag

    pompy 2 mcliesh 0

    A dour display from a dour scot another 451. When Mr Young first took over bright sparkling football a 442 formationnot many goalsbut winning games thankfully he learned the errors of his ways back to 451 and against pompy today no sparkle no penertration and back to losing. This was after all the 1/4 final for the fa cuphows what big Eck thinks of that

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    • I'll still be there at the end of the road.....




    • Every year, we put on a brave face when , after another failure, we all comfort ourselves with yet another, "Oh well. we did well to get this far".. Did we? Why do we always accept that inevitably we will not be there at the end, we just make up the numbers yet again, the Second City under-achievers.

      Let's analyse this...are we, man for man, any worse than Portsmouth...FFS ? We have equalled the best this season, yet once again, when the expectations are raised, once again, a kick in the goolies for our trouble. The first goal, tee up by Joe Hart...second goal ?...good effort, but our defenders showed their ability at being flat footed when it matters, and the dis allowed goal, which could have made a difference...once again, a referee who decided that he was what the fans had come to watch...and not the game. A ref should be in the background, not centre stage. How many more prima donas are we going to breed, who are afraid to give in favour of the away side. happens all the while, ESPECIALLY at such grounds as Old Trafford and Southern grounds. Yes Stevie...it didn't take long for ITV to check whether it had crossed the line...but while we have 'suits' running the game, and not football people, well, it will happen over and over again. Rugby/Cricket/ Fcukin Hockey...all have technology...what do we have? A blind fcukin Ref and not a pair of glasses in the place.

      Fair to say...once again.....as usual.....Gutted !, and not even howy to take it out on.

      Roll on the Cricket season I say. .

    • Hi lads,
      Very disappointed. More with the display than the result.
      Although Chucho has not been banging in the goals he has the knack of holding the ball up and bringing others into play, a good link between the midfield and forwards.
      Since he has been on the bench and Faddy has gone up front with Fahey wide, we have looked disjointed and lop-sided.
      Today the emphasis was on avoiding defeat, a step back to the Brucie dark days....4-5-1 ffs.
      Pompey were there for the taking in the first half. In the second they came out pushing and closing us down, you could feel the first goal coming. It had shades of Gallagher/Latchford against Fulham.
      When Blatter resigns (or gets sacked) we will hopefully get a younger forward-looking bloke in his place who will not be stuck in the 1920's and will allow goal-line technology.
      Everything is already in place....how long did it take ITV to show the ball was over the line today? 10 seconds...15 at the most. Hardly a massive hold up.

    • Quite agree T, but don’t you think that the season will now just peter out.
      I hope not because with another good run we could still qualify for a place in Europe and we still have the bragging rights with the Vile. Although I think Europe is a bit early it would be nice to try and give us something to aim for. As for the Vile they have already lost one Cup Final this year already but we can still finish above them in the league.
      But I feel now that Big Eck and the team have given up and will see the season out with a whimper.

    • It was there for the taking, thats the worst part BD...but isn't that alway's the case.!

    • I totally agree, Portsmouth wanted it more than we did and boy did it show.

      Why has Big Eck gone back to 4-5-1?, only one decent shot on target and that was it.

      OK, 4-4-2 wasn't pretty but it was effective and 1-0 results were the norm, but it seems now that the team's just turning out going to plod through the rest of the season so we can expect more sad and pathetic performances.

      A few weeks ago were we looking to far ahead, a trip to Wembley, possibility of playing in Europe and finishing above the Vile.

      Even with 3 up front the passing was woeful and the forwards never given a chance.

      They have decided that touchline technology is not needed and I along with thousands if not millions of worldwide supporters will be amazed by the decision.

      OK we didn't deserve to score but we did as replays prove and maybe, just maybe it could have changed the game and we could have possibly forced a replay.

      But lets not take anything away from Portsmouth, they are lucky to still be in business let alone playing and they want to prove to the supporters and the football world that they are alive and kicking. Also all the players are in the shop window and want premiere football next season, that will bring me onto another subject later.

      As for Big Eck, I think some serious thinking is needed as he is still only on probation with many Blue's supporters and although he has done well he still has to prove that he has the ambition to succeed, on today's showing either his tactics and team talks let him down or the players have decided they have done enough for the season and are just out for the stroll and their wages.

    • nothing in the final third today, in terms of creativity we were severley lacking. before the game mcleish said have no regrets but there should be quite a few on todays performance. For clubs like ours, this opportunity comes around once in a blue moon and should be snatched with both hands. Once again, a very let down bluenose