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  • Pikey Pikey Mar 9, 2010 23:54 Flag

    Mark Halsey

    Congratulations to Mark Halsey for overcoming throat cancer and making a return to refereeing.
    Not only did he have a mountain to climb but had to contend with his wife having leukemia.

    He said: "When I found out I had cancer, I did not think I would be back refereeing. I thought that was it. I thought my career was over, but here I am.
    "The chemotherapy hit me hard, it really did. I was quite ill. My throat was very sore but it is just getting back to normal. I've got no taste, though, but hopefully that will come back in time.
    "I want to show people who suffer from cancer we can all beat this disease. It's for them. That's why I want to get back on the pitch."

    Nice to see you back Mr Halsey.

    Congratulations to Darlingtons Nathan Mulligan who has also beaten the odds and made a miraculous recovery from leukemia and will play again.
    A couple of stories that kind of put things back into perspective.....

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