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    Could Do With a Laugh

    Hey Tilton I could do with a laugh old boy.
    Tell us again how you walk the walk and talk the talk
    Tell us how you are considerably richer than yow!
    Tell us how your wife had a bang on the Ventolin and ran off!
    Tell us how many free matches you get into
    Tell us about the minor celebs you know
    Tell us about the ex players you know
    Tell us how you won the war
    Tell us how superb you are
    Tell us about free drinks everywhere
    Go on tell us again old boy. I'm so jealous and so inferior. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaaaahahaahahaha I feel better already and you haven't even replied!

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    • I think you are right Nige,
      This Zippy is probably not Howy.
      Zippy, apart from following vile on sky TV from Margate, do you get back up to Birmingham very often?
      I mean, how long ago did you leave us?
      Not far from you, as you probably already know, is the place where Barnes Wallace tested the 'Bouncing Bomb'.
      From Whitstable to Margate is a wonderful area/coastline of England that I visit about 10 or 12 times a year.
      It was a good summer last year while the rest of Britain got a good soaking.
      When I am down that way, I stay just outside Whitstable near the 24hr Tesco's on the Thannet Way. I use the barbers on the High Street, Identity, it is owned by a Brummie from Erdington.

    • Here we go again, historian's FC crawling out of the woodwork, didnt hear you crowing after losing at home against Wigan did we ? or after the 1 - 7 mauling at Chelsea. Thats the difference, your lot are wannabees, but never will be's...pretenders...always the bridesmaids....

      He aint howy Steve, this one is thick as pigshit...there again...so is.......................howard so may be !

    • Oooh eerr....
      Trinity Road.....Handsworth.....Bollocks.
      It's in Witton you thick South Yorkshire twat.
      Handsworth is B20.......Trinity Road Witton is B6.
      Your geography is, as usual, totally shit.
      FFS Howy/Zippy, don't even go to your local shop without a sat-nav. You might get lost.........then again....
      And another thing. If, a big IF, you were born in Birmingham you would know that no-one calls Brummies 'yamyams'.
      No matter where you live in this wonderful city, or who you support, Brummies are proud to be Brummies.
      My wikkle HowyBee. You really must try harder.
      It is no secret that Birmingham have never won the FA Cup. Or the League title. Apart from the League cup when it was played over two legs in 1963 we have won fcuk all.
      Villa fans are (rightly) proud of Vlies accomplishments in the FA Cup, and no-one can argue with 7 wins, when did you see them lift the cup?
      Since you are from South Yorkshire and follow a piss poor bunch of loan players, let me enlighten you. It was in 1957. Against Man U. At the old wembley. 100,000 saw it, live.
      You on the other hand, were not even a sperm.

    • By the way Chelsea may well have the FA Cup now but we've had it 7 times before but whilst on the subject please remind me how many times your tinpot club have won it, or ANY other trophy of significance for that matter!!.......... 135 years & fuck all to show for it.... disgraceful!!

    • Pike... nothing wrong with MY geography. I was born on Trinity Rd in Handsworth with Villa Park at the bottom of the road. I know exactly where your shithole is (it's the only ground I feel the need to wipe my feet on the way OUT of!!). well we call you yams if we wish to be polite as most of the time we call you c...........!!

    • Zippy (Howy)
      You still havn't got to grips with this geography thing have you?
      Yamyams are from the black country....not Birmingham.
      As for the FA Cup....why would anyone 'nick it from the villa'?
      Chelsea have it.... you thick stupid South Yorkshire self confessed jerk off.
      FFS Howy, stop being a dipstick.

    • If it makes you feel inferior, I consider that a job well done, and it must do, as you wouldn't mention it otherwise. Remember, who bites at every reply...YOU ...(Quick Chomp eh howy ? )

      Is it bird ? is it a plane...or is it the board liar howy....is your wife still disabled ? Have you been to Newton Street railway Station this week, howard...
      Must remember howy...to be a good liar, you have to have a good memory...and YOU aint !

      I feel better already howy my boy... watching you squirm !