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  • ...............If I were Maik Taylor, I would see this as a massive kick in the gohoolies. Joe Hart came to enhance his England keeper claims...and Maik understood that, but instead of getting his shirt back, looks like Maik will be getting splitters in his bum again.

    What price loyalty. ?...........Mind you, lets give Foster a good welcome, hope he's as good as Joe was.

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    • Maik Taylor is a true pro,
      He said back in February he wanted to stay at Blues.
      Although he is out of contract this summer, both he and McLeish are more than confident he will be around next season.
      Every top division side has at least two top keepers. They will be doing their best to better the other. Competition like this is invaluable.
      Will Big Eck start with Foster? I think he will, and it is up to Maik to push him all the way just as he did Joe Hart....and look where he is going this summer!
      By the time the Euros come round, the England keepers will be Hart and Foster.

    • I was one of the first to call for Maik Taylor when Joe first arrived and he made us all eat our words and definitely deserves to be England No.1 in Africa.
      Ben is coming in before the start of pre-season and has more experience than Joe had so when the season starts he should have been able to no the weaknesses and strengths of the defence in front of him and vice versa and will hopefully have a good understanding.
      I agree with the comments regarding Maik, He is and outstanding keeper and been very loyal too.
      IMO I think Maik should start as No.1 and let Ben oust him.
      Like the rest we will have to wait and see how good Ben is.
      Now let’s look at the other end and a top scorer is our next priority.
      Not Fletcher from Burnley though, we need a Darren Bent type.

    • i would guess that you may have to put up with a few early jitters from foster but all in all i think you have made a cheap purchase of a very good keeper.
      i feel a bit sorry for maik taylor though as i also rate him as a very good keeper on his day, he has also given what seems good untroubled service to the club in his time at stans.

      you guys KRO coz im villa 'til i die.

    • I cant wait for the ruskie to ask for his money back of Chelsea have you seen how much of his money has devalued lately ,he has lost millions .......MAYBE right about foreign call Steve but i still think 6 mill is to much not enough first team experience for me time will tell .MR C

    • Alex (play on until we score) Ferguson is saying that Foster is the best England goalkeeper. Well that may be so, but he isn't going to South Africa because Ferguson preferred foreigners in goal.

      I'm sure Tomasz Kuszczak, and Poland...and Edwin Van Der Sar and Holland appreciate the minutes on the pitch. Their international careers haven't suffered.

    • I tell you what Nige and Chas,
      If Sir Alex Ferguson says Foster is the best English 'keeper around then that is good enough for me.
      £6M for an England goalie?.....cheap as chips.
      Well done Big Eck.
      Have a think back to Joe Hart when he came to Stans. He could hardly catch a ball. But after some superb coaching he is (IMO) the one to stand between the sticks when the World Cup kicks off.
      He matured before everyone eyes and has become a world class keeper thanks to Dave Watson.
      So, in my opinion, Ben Foster is a snip at £6M.
      Speroni is a good call Chas but I reckon McLeish has one eye on the 'foreigners in the team' ruling.

    • No.....it can't be......signing Ben Foster.....permanently?
      Do you remember a chap called Howy0069?
      You do!
      He told us we were getting Foster on LOAN!!!!! Fcucking LOAN!!!!
      All these imaginary millions and he is supposed to sign ON LOAN!!!
      Can't Blues get anything right?
      Oh well......£6M it is then!