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  • Pikey Pikey May 25, 2010 17:53 Flag

    Nikola Zigic

    According to various reports Blues have held talks with Valencia to bring Nikola Zigic to Stans for £5M or £6M or £7M (depending on the source)
    This is the BBC version,
    "Birmingham City have held talks with Valencia about signing 6ft 8in Serbian international striker Nikola Zigic for £5m.
    Full story: Daily Mail"
    Here is a little look at him,
    Even if the story is some of the usual crap flying around, the video is still worth a look.

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    • I’m impressed with his scoring ability but did you notice how poor the defences and goalkeepers were, seen better defending at junior school matches.
      He won’t be given that much time space and freedom in the premiership, in fact he wouldn’t get that much time and space on a Sunday morning pitch.
      We really need someone already proven in the premier league… Robbie Keene, Darren Bent even Michael Owen.
      Chucho came with an impressive scoring record but only managed 4 goals though his work rate and ability to hold and lay the ball off certainly helped in the success of our season.
      All I saw from Zigic was a player scoring freely, he never had to make the goals himself, so that means we need a creative midfielder or two out and out wingers.

    • They will be throwing the balls in baskets next ....MR R

    • My mate's a joiner---I've told him to pop into St Andrews and heighten the doors a bit.
      H---send bill later.