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  • mouse mouse Jun 19, 2010 14:57 Flag

    desperatly seeking private pike.

    good morning 1 and all,
    well i am not going to come here slagging off my national side.in fact i come here seeking hope.
    after englands first game private pike came up with the only sensible message that i saw anywhere. after last night i can only say.
    PLEASE PVT PIKE, find some words to inspire me, find the words to make me believe, for gods sake find the words that may stop me topping myself before wednesday, i await in calm anticipation, but please, do not just use this opportunity to slag off the hesk, it may be true that he should not be there, but to date he has done his job better than most of them.

    have a good weekend guys,

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    • Hi Mike....this is the best I can do.
      I was going to post yesterday after the game but emotions were running a little high.
      I have never seen such a lame and disjointed display from an England side before.
      That really was poor.
      I think there should be a national inquiry into this bunch of players taking a wage from that game. They should be forced to give it to a deserving charity in England.
      It would be so easy to have a pop at Heskey but in reality he played better than Rooney who was so far off the pace it makes me wonder if he is homesick or injured. He did not seem 'with it'.
      The only positives from the game was Calamities display in goal and Defoe's input when he eventually came on. At least he showed a little enthusiasm.
      One thing is for sure......we can only get better.
      Will we qualify? It's in the balance. But I believe the fire is about to be ignited in their bellies.
      As you already know, a fan managed to get into the changing room after the (match?) final whistle. Sometimes a thing like that can provoke a team into action.
      I can only hope and pray they get through on Wednesday or else the ladders will be out again taking the flags down from the front of my house. That will really hurt.
      Time to be positive....
      We are England....!
      Three Lions.....!
      Rule Britania.....!
      God save the Queen.....!
      We will fight them on the Beaches.....!
      !.....Footballs coming home.....!
      COME ON ENGLAND.....

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      • Well said Piky . i was listening the other night the germans ( from the chip shop fame) have been playing with this lighter ball for six months now Endgland have only been playing with it for about three weekscatch it right its like an off break at the goal keeper providing the guys are practicing with it. well they are good enough to make the new ball work for them. One thing though the referreing has been absolute crap this year. Still guys
        1/ never say die
        2/ stiff upper lip
        3/ K.R.O.
        O'h yes stuff the vile

      • I think we'll have to start slagging off the Villa a bit more Steve.....these Villa boardsters are getting a bit too friendly with us noses (lol)....and in the continued absence of howy...............!!

        Joking of course Mike...us School Road, Hawkesley Estate, Bulls Head on the Greeners should stick together against the evil Sheffield one !

        England performances...well Mike, surely you remember 1966 ? We were crap then, but still won it. !

        Have faith my man !