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  • Who will win this one.?

    Spain or Holland I suppose. Probably on penalties. I reckon the Octopus should be awarded the cup..... Penalties !!! ....huh. !.....That's what normally happens in these games. The show-piece of the World, decided on shots in, like a fairground lottery. Roll up, Roll up.. 5 shots for a pound. Best of five shots in. What a fcukin joke. !

    Glad I'll be at work while that fiasco is played out. Do I care? Narrrrrrr ! Wheres howy.? Lets have a bull and a cow.

    Bah !! Not that I'm a bad loser, when our bunch of pansies are probably enjoying the Caribbean sun right now.

    Bring on the new season I say...Get them Blue boys on the pitch....Europe here we come !

    OK OK...I'm allowed to dream aren't I ?

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    • Xavi's the best link man in the business. If he gets a goal in the final it'll crown a wonderful world cup for him. Him and Forlan have been absolutely outstanding.
      H---Capello's the man---fuskc me.

    • Spain are favourites but i'll plump for Holland.

      I predict a dive fest in the final. Not touched...............down they go. A slight touch...........see how far they fly. A little ankle tap that wouldn't stun a fly..............see them contort in agony!!!

      This should be called the "Cheat Cup" not the world cup.

      Best game for me was Slovakia V Italy. 3-2 with a frantic last 15 mins. But all in all, a very negative world cup. Yes Spain are good but only good at keeping the ball and taking the odd chance because they have Villa..................Their over-all play does nt have you jumping out of your seat with excitment and awe. Spain are very Italian like.............grind out a result, win the prize but bore you in doing so.

      The Dutch are slightly better but not like the side that lost in the quaters of the Europeans..............that was entertainment

    • I go for Holland, anyway to "fiddle" the outcome, then this former Dutch colony will find it !

    • Holland to win 2-1 in normal time for me Nige....
      Good on FIFA for putting Mr Webb in charge.