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  • Pikey Pikey Jul 16, 2010 02:16 Flag

    Winter Break.....

    The FA are considering a winter break and ending FA Cup replays to accommodate this "European" idea.
    I for one, am dead against a mid-season break as our league and FA Cup competitions are the envy of the world.
    Why change for change sake?
    If it ain't broke- don't fix it.
    There is one rule I would like to see changed. This crazy rule where an injured player who receives treatment on the pitch must go to the touch line and await the ref to call him back on. This undoubtedly gives the offending team an advantage.
    OK, moan over.

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    • Roy Hodgson fits the bill....but I am not sure he would say ' NO ' if he didn't like the FA meddling. He did well with Switzerland...maybe Liverpool will show if he has the credentials to handle bid players then we will see.

    • I've always fancied seeing Venables back in there.
      Perhaps as second in command to Pearce (excellent call BD) or Hodgeson.
      Maybe 'Arry should have a go.
      Anyone like these....as long as they are English.

    • Yeah, Cloughie. He said he never got the job because they thought he'd want to run the FA---and he said he would have.

    • The FA should consider withdrawing our national side from all competitions because we're a fuskcing embarrassment. And therefore giving our self professed world class players more time to concentrate on their clubs and stay within the level of their ability.
      H---Lampard's a Skoda, Xavi's a Porsche.

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      • i suspect h, that you are rewinding to the early 80's with your damning verdict on the skoda (what do you call a skoda with twin exausts, a wheelbarrow, and the rest of the sunroof , skip gags). now lampard, gerrard et al being compared to these models i can except. but todays skoda is the perfect example of what to fix and when to fix it, a genuine piece of superb engineering that is up there with the best.
        and here the fa can learn from skoda. they did not mess about with new ways of putting it all together, they scrapped it and restyled it and changed all of the 5hit components. dont introduce more crap ideas that will have no effect, get rid of the crap, lampard, terry, james rooney all out of date parts that need to be replaced. fixing england is easy, find 23 players with hearts like heskey and beckham, tell them they are plying for free and the first 14 too turn up are selected.. they may get beat but they will die trying not too. stuff all the crazy talk this is about ENGLAND, if they want the cap let them prove it. any player not prepared to tell his club that england comes first does not deserve the shirt. now making them turn up in skoda's may actually be a good idea.
        another idea with these buggers is to make them give 2 supporters from thier area a lift home after the game, they may then understand what the fans give to enable thier millionare lifestyles.
        rant over if it dont make sense, sorry, but stuff the fa, this is our national football team we are talking about, ours and queen elizabeths. not the fa's toy. not the goverments distraction and not crappello's meal ticket,
        off for a full english in benidorm now, and if you had to listen to these spanish twats laughing at us every minute of every day you would have the same anger.
        ENGLAND 'TIL I DIE. i'm coming home soon, bring on the rain, lol

      • It's plainly obvious Al that the 'foreign legion' are carrying England's Finest.
        The FA should focus on restricting the amount of foreign players at a given club.
        Imagine Man City fielding seven Home Country players against Chelsea tomorrow. Hmm.......
        As for this winter break, will the FA refund all clubs who have had under-soil heating installed as I imagine the break would be from mid December until mid January.
        Also, when will the four weeks be caught up? Is the break for Premier clubs only?
        Will the top clubs who are in the Champions League be happy with having to play all their games over eight months instead of nine?
        Is it a case of Roger Burden holding a can of worms and Barry Bright and Alex Horne looking for an opener?