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  • i will post this here in case you think that none of us care to respond, no fcuking passion, the bas tards are lucky i live in spain. lol.

    because sire i have just returned from work.

    right my fellow villians (and you noses with an interest).

    what the fcuk is going on at vp.
    mon. dont come cribbing that you had no choice but to make this decision, you knew what was going on in the transfer department and could have done this weeks ago. i dont care what you have to say you aint welcome at vp, and as far as the villa faithfull are concerned you can fcuk off, we are in it for life you seem to be some sort of mercenary. fcuk off good riddance.

    randy lerner. it may be a fcuking buisiness to you, but to us it is life, love well to be honest, its fcuking everything. if you are selling milner, younge, gabby et al, get the fcuk on with it and get the replacements in.

    villa fans, i fcuking warned you that chasing ellis out of the club was a huge mistake, well 5 days before the season this would not have happened with deadly.

    west ham, make your protests, but please do not attack the players, do not sit back with milner though if he wants man cities bench let him know that he can have it.

    noses, this is your 1 chance, your only hope of ever being the no 1 in brum, you taste it, but will you waste it,

    man city, i never minded you, bit like us, spurs, everton. but i have a feeling that you are behind this in some way, so, go fcuk yourselves, i hope that you never achieve what your money should buy. am i jealous of what you have, NO because you have lost what you were, best you can ever hope to be is a 2nd rate chelsea.

    reminder to mon, dont give us how great the fans were, you fcuked us over, i wish you absolutely fcuk all good.

    vila 'til i die, unlike the spineless money grabbing bast ards who have screwed the club and the fans with false promise.

    finally, vito fcukwit. stop cutting and pasting on our boards you useless waste of fcuking oxygen.

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