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  • Alan H Alan H Aug 18, 2010 05:53 Flag

    Mancini Must Be Crazy

    Just my opinion this because you guys have seen Joe Hart in the flesh and been well pleased with him. But every team going for the big stuff needs an established, proven and steady keeper.
    Shay Given's the best in the Premier, he's done the business season after season. And at a time when City need stabilisation at the back, to rock his boat is madness. Can't see him accepting the pay rise etc at this stage in his career, he needs to be out there. Just my thoughts, guys---you probably don't agree.

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    • Fcuking hell Nige, Dave Latchford, now there is a name from the past...
      Probably the fattest goalkeeper ever seen at Stans. But he played hard and landed harder.
      Do you, or anyone else remember a lad called Steve Smith? Around the early Eighies I think, he reminded me of Joe Hart. Short blonde hair, agile, good puncher of the ball. The only difference was his co-ordination was all to pot. The ball went one way and he would dive the other and usually it would hit his leg or his big toe and fly over the bar or something.
      Happy days.
      My favourite Blues keeper?.....hmm......tough one.....probably it would be Tony Coton.

    • Why doe Birmingham not go for Shay Given being that they have now said that they are keeping Hart.

      GO FOR IT.