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  • busdriver busdriver Sep 1, 2010 03:03 Flag

    New signings

    Know doubt about it that the new owners are prepared to splash the cash and support Alex in the market.
    I’m still surprised that we haven’t got a renowned goal scorer but who knows what these new players can produce.
    They may even be able to make Jerome a decent scorer.

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    • Good player Aleksandr Hleb, busy. But I wish he'd pull his bloody socks up.
      H---Nike sports.

    • Three quality signings IMO,
      I can only agree with you BD regarding the striker situation but it is the same for almost every club, seeking the 20 goals a season forward.
      I don't think there's much wrong with what we have for now but sometimes the service is poor.
      OK, I know Jerome continues to frustrate, the one-on-one at the end of the Bolton game should have been put to bed, but he did set up two for us. At least he was in the right place at the right time. Remember he is only young and he is no Wayne Rooney. Perhaps more of a Coleen at times, but he is what we have and Big Eck knows his strengths, running behind the back four and generally causing mayhem.
      For a bloke who cannot score, he was our top scorer last season with 11. Not too bad considering we are a team in it's Premier infancy.
      Now Hleb is a superb piece of business. What a capture. Better than the Dugarry deal me thinks. He will certainly open the defences up and create more chances which Jerome and co must start to put away, and they will. It's all a matter of confidence.
      Look at it this way, so far this season we have bettered two results from last season. Sunderland and Bolton away were both losses, this time around, we should have won them both. That's a little yardstick, a little better.
      Of course, in true Blue style, it will all come off the rails and we start again. BUT, I think we are in for an OK season.