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  • B4ts B4ts Sep 13, 2010 04:49 Flag

    Versus Liverpool

    Pal of mine watched the game and its good to tell you that he rate Brum very highly ! Will a Euro place beckon this time ?

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    • What a gutsy defence the Blues have, played well and defended well and with fire in their bellies.
      Midfield led by Barry Ferguson created so many chances that Jerome could have equalled last seasons total in one game, never again will we play a Premiership league game and get so many goal opportunities.
      I thought Big Eck would have changed things up front after the hour as we were creating plenty of opportunities by bringing Zigic on, instead he waited till the 90th minute and what was he expecting him to do.?
      The only criticism has got to be the chances that were not put away, forget the 3 top class save from their keeper we should have had at least another 4 goals on top of those.
      Besides isn’t that what keepers get paid to do, as with strikers who are paid to score goals and how many have our forwards scored so far this season……. ER…… wow….NONE.
      When will Big Eck learn that Jerome is just not a Premier striker, bring back O’Connor and swap him with Jerome.
      Still 6th in the table is not to be sniffed at and our unbeaten home record still in tact.
      Well done lads, just buy some striking boots.