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  • nosieblue nosieblue Sep 22, 2010 05:56 Flag

    v baggies

    well said BD glad to see someone who can put on paper my thoughts.as for mccleish's latest comments not very inspireing.

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    • Perhaps if you both (Noiseblue and BD) were as quick to offer praise when the team do well instead of all this negativity when they lose a game then perhaps we could all remember to pull together in the same direction.
      Love or hate McLeish, Jerome, McFadden or whoever, these are who we have. End of.
      No matter who was in charge of Blues, no matter who was up-front, no matter who scored, there are always (at every club, at every level) some supporters who demand more and better, demand demand demand. Never able to accept the good times but always ready to criticise to not so good times, always looking for that cloud on the silver lining.
      I know and readily accept that everyone has a right to their opinion, but surely it is a two way thing where if the team do well then you should be prepared to actually say "well done lads" in the same spirit as having a 'pop' at them.
      Anyway, the MK Dons result was a good one considering we had a 'reserve' side out there. Into the last 16 and hoping for a decent draw in the next round.
      I wish I had put a tenner on Northampton against Liverpool as I had joked earlier in the evening with the local shopkeeper who follows the Reds how they would loose on penalties. Oh for a rewind button in real life!