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    What does Alec see...............


    ...in Cameron Jerome, that nearly every Blues supporter cannot ?

    I said it months ago, and I will say it again here and now, Jerome is not and will never be, a Premiership striker. He is championship material at best. Perhaps he will develop in another side, like Andy Johnson did. He was another that couldn't hit a barn door at 10 paces, yet went onto make some sort of success at Palace...if Jerome isn't replaced soon by someone who does have the killer instinct, we will be in trouble.

    Come back Kev Phillips, sooner the better for me.

    0-0 at home against Wigan...I ask you.!

    Glad I don't have to pay, I'd be asking for my money back.

    BAH !!

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    • *(Thanks for the kind words Mike. The cheque is in the post ;-} )

      Nige, BD and Noiseblue.
      I fully understand where you are all coming from.
      Yes BD, it's as plain as the nose on ya face that Jerome is not a twenty goal a season player. In fact, he should be at the top of the countries scoring charts if he had put away half of the chances laid for him. I wish he would put his laces through some shots and learn to drop a shoulder when in a one-on-one with the keeper. Why is he sometimes lame with his efforts? Honestly, if he were able to finish properly, he would seriously play for England.
      I also agree with the O'Connor situation. Why has the bloke (who was on fire in pre-season) been allowed to go out on loan?
      If it is for fitness, then surely the Premier League is the place to play. He would probably put a few more chances in the bag than Jerome anyway.
      I like both players, and (IMO) they would make a good partnership up front with KP as a 20/30 min impact player.
      If they don't cut the mustard then Derbyshire with Gaz O'C.
      Zigic for me is a complete flop at the moment. Surely during training sessions he will learn all about the English game. Or do they practice other things?
      Remember the old joke aimed at Crouch but instead this time Zigic is the punch line?
      Who is 6' 8" standing and 6' 9" when jumping?
      Christ Almighty. Give me strength.
      In Eck we trust.

    • I have said the same myself about Alex Mcliesh since just after he arrived. I think he wants to be relegated again just so he can gain promotion to prove him self

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      • Do my eyes deceive me?
        Big Eck has achieved more in three years than the three managers before him put together.
        He inhereted a crap team from Brucie and despite his best efforts with a poor side he almost kept us up. He then gained promotion, got us to the FA cup Q/F, finished higher than most can honestly remember, unbeaten at Stans for a year......
        And all you can do is fcuking moan!
        We are not Chelsea or ManUre. We are a small Premier League side punching well above their weight.
        This is bullshit.
        Fcuk it.