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    Everton Reaction

    Let’s look at the positives from the Everton game……….. We started the game undefeated in 12 months at home.
    Liam Ridgewell’s goal line clearance! And not much more until Zigic came on and then Derbyshire! And even that wasn’t sensational, but more creative.
    Once again Jerome was played as a lone striker (use the word Striker very loosely), Long high balls to no-one, very few attempts on goal by either side in the first half. The balance of the team seemed lop-sided, I thought Hleb had a poor game and looked unfit.
    Half time came and both sets of supporters booed.
    The second half wasn’t much better even the shouts for a penalty were half-hearted and very optimistic.
    Alex McLeish complained about the booing at the end, although I don’t condone it at least it was after the game and showed how disgruntled the supporters are at the lack of fire power up front when there is much better sitting on the bench or even in the stands than Jerome.
    It is the only way that the supporters can vent their feelings or through the social media networks and letters that probably never get read.
    The next home game they will be behind the team again.
    Alex said: "I have thrown down the gauntlet to all our strikers. Places are up for grabs in the front areas.
    "I want to see more in training and reserve matches and the opportunity is there for someone.
    , they are proven otherwise why buy then, we have had managers buy for the sake of buying in the past, and so far Alex has been quite successful with his signings but I worry about his knowledge of buying strikers or was it someone else’s influence and decision?
    Credit and praise where due but I’m sorry after the last 3 performances I’m finding it more and more difficult, lets get back to the drawing board, swap Jerome for O’Connor and play Philips with Zigic one half and O’Connor the other or even O’Connor and Philips together as they did in pre-season.
    Whatever, Alex must sort out the strike force because not scoring doesn’t win games:
    I’m also worried about Foster, I know I went on about Joe Hart last season but he improved as the games went on, I don’t see that with Foster.

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