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  • Whats the point of a 46k capacity if you can't fill it..... and before anyone jumps down my throat, it's the same at Villa park. We only sell out against the "big" teams, and there's nothing worse than rows of empty seats to ruin any chance of a good atmosphere........

    But it all depends on the ambition of any club!!!

    Any thoughts?


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    • Todays players, bus. I was at Middlesboro some years back with my daughter who wanted to see the Liverpool players getting off the team bus. The Liverpool fans circled the area to greet them, but as they dismounted every player bar one walked straight into the stadium like fuskcing zombies with ear phones in. Robbie Fowler stood alone signing autographs, my daughter was astounded at such ignorance towards loyal fans who'd payed well earned cash and travelled up.

    • It is nice to hear some old famous names and games, I can remember fans climbing the floodlight pylons and sitting on the roof of the old spoin kop.
      The queuing at four in the morning somewhere along Bordsley Green, the camaraderie, hot flasks and of course the rain; Always seemed to rain when tickets went on sale.
      I agree with all the comments but especially the prices. As has been pointed out, the average person supporter is not now catered; it is all about corporate money, and television.
      I remember Trevor Hockey giving me and my mate a lift home after we were collecting autographs and he was the last one out, bet today’s player wouldn’t do that.
      I don’t think ground sharing would work, but the old main stand definitely needs rebuilding and naming it after Gill Merick would be an honour to a great ambassador to the club.
      It would so be cheaper than building a brand new ground.

    • Agreed,
      Saturday afternoon is the 'right' time to play football with the occasional week night-match somewhere in-between.
      Talking about old times, I loved the drawn match in the FA Cup on a Saturday, then the clamour for tickets for the Tuesday/Wednesday night replay. All of a sudden you found the extra money to go to Tyne-side or Manchester or wherever. As soon as you had a match ticket it was off to New Street to buy a train ticket for the "Blues Special". (Standing room only)
      Wouldn't be allowed in this Politically Correct and Health and Safety Conscious land we find ourselves in.
      Happy Days.

    • expansion is not really there for the terrace fan, below (or above) the actual stands the corporate boxes, the function rooms the upgraded facilities that allow the ground to be put forward for marquee events, such as world cup, olympics, world tiddlywink championships (more likely) and so forth. there are also the added benefits of fresh new toilets for the big wigs.

      there is also the simple fact that any corporation investing in its own products creates market confidence.

      oh well back to the mundane, lol.

      sorry noses this must seem like a broken link that defaultd to the AVFC board, lol.

      villa 'til i die,.

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      • I agree with a lot of what you both say (even you Vile Mouse)!
        But just look at the Main stand, it looks awful & badly needs knocking down, if the club pioneered a new stadium selling system along the lines of Ryanair sales we could fill the place every game, why cant clubs see the potential of full gates for every game? even if it does mean selling seats for £1!

        Also results improve when you have a large support, referee's are more likely to give "Home" decisions & fans are more likely to buy beverages & merchandising!

        I sincerely hope the Main stand is knocked & Joined seamlessly to the Tilton stand!