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  • Daniel Daniel Oct 22, 2010 09:08 Flag

    Not so rock solid defending.

    Despite our huge success on the unbeaten run at home. What the hell are we watching now? What happened to Johnson and Dann being rocks? Carr is sloppy Ben Foster im backing to be the next Alumnia. Ridgewell hasnt been so sharp this season. Need to wake up boys before we find ourselves in relegation by christmas. Also Carson Yeung should pump a bit more money into the club so we can get a proper goalscoring striker in January. Jerome is useless, Zigic is still finding his feet [no pun intetended] Phillips cant be expected to get us 10 goals a season in the last 20 minutes. Come on Blues on a cup run!

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    • Although our defence has been a little creaky this season our major problem is the lack of goals scored.
      Jerome will never be a premier striker and with McLeish playing one up front it does not matter how many chances we create if we do not have someone to put them away.
      Why not play Zigic with O’Connor with Philips coming on for the last 20 minutes or better still O’Connor and Philips, both are proven strikers.
      I had serious doubts about Joe Hart at the start of the season and was proved wrong, the difference with Foster is he has more experience therefore should be adjusting quicker.
      Unfortunately, I think in this case that Maik Taylor is the better keeper and should be playing