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  • Alan H Alan H Dec 3, 2010 06:51 Flag

    Bit Harsh Or Not?

    How does this one grab you, guys. Been flashed around the media at the minute.

    An investigation by the Sunday Times that led to two FIFA executive committee members being suspended after allegations they offered to sell their votes for cash was compounded by a BBC documentary which made further allegations of corruption.

    As if those were not big enough obstacles for the bid to overcome, crowd trouble at a League Cup tie in Birmingham on Wednesday night between local rivals Birmingham City and Aston Villa further damaged the bid's credibility.

    H---congrats on the win.

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    • The media has a lot to blame; including the stupid, irresponsible pseudo-news stories a la BBC/Panorama and possibly the gross exaggeration of the Birmingham/Villa alleged violence. I was there and have felt more threatened by parking rage at ASDA. I truly doubt that the "handbags" at St Andrews really had any bearing on the FIFA decision in all reality, as the two faced bent b@st@rds had long since sold their votes for the highest rouble!

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      • Totally agree with you all..
        How can none-transparent FIFA be allowed to vote depending on the size of a brown envelope stuffed with notes.
        They are a law unto themselves and even intervention by governments leads to sanctions against the complaining country.
        Perhaps a few European Nations should get together and launch an investigation into the bungs empire. Could Blatter really harm British Football with banning orders? I think not. Especially with the monetary investment by BSkyB alone.
        Only if enough countries rally together can the walls of Castle FIFA come crashing down.
        Russia, the home of crime, corruption, prostitution, secret police and the Mafia. No infrastructure nor stadiums. No money.
        As for the World Cup in Qatar.....
        Hardly a massive footballing nation. The fact they have never qualified for any finals or have any football grounds hardly matters. And now they want to hold the competition in January because of their summer heat.
        Sour grapes? maybe a little.

    • Long before the Panorama and The Times revelations let alone the stupidity of a few mindless morons after Wednesday’s victory over our archrivals the results were finalised and agreed. Its all about money as the disclosures showed we are talking millions of pounds.

      The fiasco of the World Cup is political and should not be voted on but as with any cup draw the countries who submit a bid should be put in a hat and an independent body should draw the winning nation out, as they say its not rocket science.

      That is my opinion anyway; you only have to look at the crowd trouble in Russia and surrounding countries… i.e. Serbia to see that the incident at St Andrews did not sway the voting one iota.