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  • busdriver busdriver Dec 13, 2010 19:40 Flag

    New signings

    Alex McLeish said he needs some new signings in the transfer window, but the signings he has made have been money wasted.
    Zigic for all his height has not done much to convince me he is a main striker nor has Beausejour proved himself either.
    We had a good striker in O’Connor and still have Philips but neither of these seems to feature in McLeish’s plans. He bought Derbyshire who has not played many games
    He seems obsessed with Jerome and cannot understand why the rest of the supporters are so frustrated with him.
    They train every day so they should now have an understanding of each other and will probably know who they are comfortable playing alongside to form a formidable partnership.
    He has spent well in the market to get the defence playing so well, but as proved on Sunday that without Ridgewell we were exposed, fair play to Murphy who did his best but it showed that there was a lack of understanding and confidence.
    Danns was not a strong and dependable as he has been and Johnson had to do a lot more covering.
    McLeish should get someone like Francis or Latchford to find him a recognised striker or better still talk to the supporters, as they seem to have a better idea than he does.
    Let us just hope he doesn’t go and buy another foreigner and say he needs time to settle and understand the premiership. Keane of Tottenham or Owen at Man U are a couple of players that we could possibly look at getting loan deals in January.

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    • Why buy more of the same,mostly have beens or have nots.we have good young players that should be given a run.redmond is the best prospect since trevor francis,remember he was 16,wake up alex,we would all back you if you were not allways cautious . To keep playing lanky and his fast partner in crime with very little end result as now overrun its course if we go down so beit,but at least try to bring somethink new to the table

    • Well said B/D not that Alec would take any noticehe cannot understand any form of critisism

    • Alex said on TV the other day "other teams have more quality in their squads" thats another way of saying "my squad just isn't good enough to compete at this level". Alex perhaps the penny has finally dropped! You need to spend in January, get at least one good PROVEN premier league striker (like maybe Keane, Pavelachenko, or even Owen) and not the same old crap as you've been signing (your "big signings" of the summer can't even get in your own team!) I hear you are looking at some Yank from LA Galaxy , for christ sake that is probally not even English Championship standard! Whilst I am giving free advice, why don't you unload Jerome back to the championship where belongs. He can't hit a barn door from five yards! you could throw in Fahey too for a "two for the price of one" deal.If i were you i would get back in touch with N'Zogbia and see if he has changed his mind about coming to Stans for a more realistic wage, after all it would be his best chance of avoiding champioinship football next season with Wigan. You need to make two good signings who know where the goal is or Blues will be joining Wigan in the fizzy pop league next year, and as we all know, getting back up is far harder than dropping down. KRO SOTV