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  • B4ts B4ts Dec 29, 2010 05:56 Flag

    Well done !

    Great point against the filth !!!!!

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    • It was a very good point indeed, if we had had a striker who could at least hit the target we may even have won, comfortably.
      Rooney, Giggs and Anderson could have all seen red but are we complaining… NO!

      At home defensively we are pretty solid so I am not too worried about Whingers Arsenal, if McLeish can perhaps play Philips instead of Donkey Jerome (we thought Heskey was a donkey). Even if it is for 45 minutes and then maybe give Derbyshire a crack.


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      • A local bookies are offering 'Phillips to score first in a 2-1 Blues win'
        £10 gets you £1010.
        I don't profess to know anything about betting but surely if the bookies are naming a player...... do they know something we don't?
        No body in their right mind would put a bet on a player who was not playing. Would they?
        So B/D, this maybe an answer. Or a riddle!

    • Yes B4ts, a super point.
      A well worked equalising goal.
      Offside Ziggy sitting on Ferdinand's back and 'arming' the ball to Bowyer who finished expertly past over-aged Van Der Valk who was protesting instead of saving.
      And Fergie has the nerve to complain?
      Never mind. Arsole Whinger is next up. He is the expert moaner.
      (Wave your arms in the air and sing "lets all do the wenger, lets all do the wenger")
      Enter Stans at your own peril.
      Oh yes......was that really Frankie Worthington on the pitch or was it Wagner? Hard to tell.