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  • Pikey Pikey Jan 2, 2011 19:21 Flag

    Boys against men

    Firstly, happy new year.
    Now for a moan.
    Blues v Arsenal. Boys against men.
    We could argue till the cows come home about the dive that led to the first goal. He cheated, the ref bought it, wicked deflection, 0-1.
    We can argue a cause for a penalty for handball. The ref missed it, as he did most things for Blues, and our only way of possibly scoring was gone.
    Second half was total Arsenal dominance. They had us running round in circles. The only good thing was it stayed a 0-3 and not 0-6 or 0-7 which, on balance of play, would have been a fair result.
    I try to stay loyal to the players and the manager. BUT, it is as clear as the red nose McLeish is growing that we are not good enough.
    Jerome would be world class if he could only score.
    Zigic is happy to run around and 'tickle' efforts goal wards.
    We really, desperately, absolutely, need a finisher.
    I know my old mate Nigel constantly calls for Phillips, but he is a long way past the wrong side of thirty.
    O'Connor could have been half decent but also fell into the Jerome school of finishers.
    Now comes the question, who wants to come to Blues? who wants to be the 'man'?
    Robbie Keane? Maybe.
    Pavlyuchenko? (spelling? who cares!) I would love to see him down Stans.
    Apart from that.....who else is there?
    Fingers crossed.

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