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  • SSDD.
    Talk about deja-vu. Same old crap so far in the transfer market regarding a goal-scorer.
    Yet again we scratch around in the bargain bins.
    We get linked with top players and get he usual 'wage demands' and 'overpriced' thrown back at us by the gaffers and the board.
    While I think we will survive this season (by the skin of our teeth) it's not exactly what I want to see at Stans.
    I know last seasons 9th was a bit of a fluke and never thought we would do it again, but I am at a loss at some of the team selections made this season. I mean, 1-1 at WHU, them down to 10 men and we change to 4-4-2 with three minutes to go and 2-1 down. Fcuking incredible!
    One man up front is not the answer. I don't know...perhaps Jerome (Nigel's mate) and Derbyshire upfront. Who knows, it might work.
    Back to topic, why do we continuously tell the press we are signing so and so, then watch in disbelief as it drags on and on then we end up with another Bent or Zigic on our hands.

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    • icant beleive we keep playing a lone striker it doesnt work, we cant rely on defenders goals to win us games. Derbyshire is a great little striker and needs a run in the starting 11 but with jerome or zigic for him to play off and with bentley providing quality balls into them i think we would score more goals but derbyshire cant do it on his own. for everyone to get excited about us bringing in a couple of strikers well past their sell by date is mad, look at the vile they have bitten the bullet and got themselves a quality striker in bent but quality costs and you get what you pay for thats why until the blues board dig a little deeper we should give the strikers we have a chance to shine( if they aint playing they aint gonna score) SIMPLES!!!