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  • Pikey Pikey Jan 24, 2011 19:20 Flag

    RE McLeish frustrated

    Keep this in mind....Pannu said: ‘Carson has so far, in aggregate, spent £26.3million since his arrival.
    Carson Yeung took over Blues in September 2009.
    He promised a £50M war-chest to McLeish to transform Birmingham City.
    What he did not say was how long that £50M was spread over. I was under the impression it was all in one go. In sixteen months, he has given just over half of that.
    This equates to roughly £17M per season. (wow)
    Considering we earned around £80M from the last two seasons in TV payments and League payments alone, it begs the question,
    **Why are we scratching around with bargain basement signings and loan deals**
    The way BCFC conduct their transfer dealings is embarrassing. Other teams say "we have approached whoever to sign so and so" Then within two or three days so and so has a medical, signs on the dotted line and poses in front of the cameras claiming he has always wanted to play for whoever."
    Looking at the fixtures, we should win five of the next six with a customary draw against Man Citeh.
    In reality we will draw half and lose half. Out of both cups, bottom of the league, McLeish will be sacked and Big Sam could be employed.
    Who's fault? The board? Alex?
    I blame the board for not backing the manager and for being even more stingy than the Golds and Sulky Sullivan put together.
    Just a thought, MON?