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  • mouse mouse Jan 26, 2011 21:06 Flag

    see you this evening chaps,

    hi ho, hi ho its off to st´an´s i go.
    oh well this trip home is turning into a bloody blue nightmare, back on the tilton tonight and guess what the opposition are in claret and blue, lol.

    the difference is that this time i will wish the bluenoses a win and will stand up and scream n shout if ya score,

    i hope plenty of you buggers turn up coz its going to be cold and my thin spanish blood will need help warming me. oh and can 1 of you bring the bovril.

    villa ´til i die, but tonight i am a NOSE. brings back memories. lol

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    • It will be packed to the rafters tonight Mike.
      I am on the Kop corner, look out for me and wave over.
      I think extra time and hopefully not penalties will see Blues through.

      Keep Right On To The End Of The Road
      Now this is a real football anthem, one that has the lot - rousing, moving, long, and traditional. It was first adopted by the Blues back in 1956, during one of their best ever seasons when they finished 6th in the league and reached the FA Cup final, and it's been sung ever since. It's the sort of anthem that, when it's being sung in all its glory, at full throaty volume in a packed St. Andrews, simply makes the opposition fans stand and stare.

      The song, in all it's fullblown glory, goes something like this..

      As you go through life,
      It's a long, long road,
      There'll be joys and sorrows too,
      As we journey on, we will sing this song,
      For the boys in royal blue,
      We're often partisan, la, la, la,
      We will journey on, la, la, la,
      Keep right on to the end of the road,
      Keep right on to the end,
      Though the way be long,
      Let your hearts be strong,
      Keep right on round the bend,
      Though you're tired and weary,
      Still journey on,
      Till you come to your happy abode,
      Where all the love you've been dreaming of,
      Will be there. Where ?
      At the end of the road.
      Birmingham! Birmingham!

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      • well PP, you get it right again, shite first half, i was calling for ziggy after 20 minutes where after a great start you let the cockeny tw@s take over and allowed them to dominate you.

        i got my wish at half time and the zig changed the game instantly,
        i still dont think you have the right manager and you should thank us (the vile) (lol) for training up your best 2 players, ridgewell and craigo the blue, or shithead as we know him lol, good luck against whingers mob, and this will hurt, I WILL BE THERE,lol.

        you guys K R O and i willl always be

        VILLA, ´TIL I DIE.

        Proud to be a brummie, .