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  • Pikey Pikey Jan 28, 2011 16:58 Flag

    Striker needed. Chase a defender.

    As much as I am obviously cock-a-hoop at getting to Wemb-er-ley, Wem-ber-ley,
    I am totally miffed at the chase for Curtis Davis.
    OK, he is a decent player but we don't need more defensive cover. Jiranek is more than capable of making that position his own and forming a very good partnership with Johnson.
    We NEED a striker. I might be clutching at straws a bit, but, I like Jovanovic of Livypool. Cole of WHU is another good shout (James G) and a bid for Ameobi turned down, but it depends on how much our board want to speculate.
    On present evidence, £23M in 18 months is, in their eyes, a meaty investment. In my eyes, it is a recipe for relegation. The sooner Yeung an Co realise the wage structure in the Premier is different to the minimum wage set by government then we might make some inroads to improve the goals for column.
    I hope I am proved wrong on all fronts, especially the striker search.