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    Carling Cup Final Thread

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    • Good luck pikey and all you lot! Blimey I'm getting soft in my old age. Seriously though, a famous victory is there you you....go get it!


    • Cheers Mike,
      Chaos has descended on the Blues board again. Not since our strange friend from Sheffield, our Howie, graced the keyboard has there been such disorder.
      One thing I have to take up with the Goonie John. The Yahoo Arsenal link he puts up correctly shows FIVE red cards.
      Facts actually show even more.
      yellow- red cards . . .LG. . FA. . LC . . EUR. . TOT. .

      Koscielny . . . . . . . 4 2. . 0 0. . 2 0. . 0 0. . 6 2
      Sagna . . . . . . . . . . 2 1. . 0 0. . 1 0. . 1 1. . 4 2
      Song . . . . . . . . . . .4 1. . 0 0. . 0 0. . 1 0. . 5 1
      Wilshere. . . . . . . . .3 1. . 0 0. . 0 0. . 0 0. . 3 1
      Squillaci. . . . . . . . . 1 0. . 0 1. . 0 0. . 0 0. . 1 1
      Diaby . . . . . . . . . . . 0 1. . 0 0. . 0 0. . 0 0. . 0 1

      SIX in the league.
      ONE in the FA Cup
      ONE in Europe

      EIGHT in total.

      There is no shame in being corrected by (yawn) 'lower' opposition.

    • i was going to post some interesting stuff about a bunch of your lads going to a none leauge game on saturday before sundays cup final. they were trying to get 5,000 to go and provide enough revenue to keep the club going for next season. but to be honest i cant see the point as i would not be slagging any one off so it would raise no interest on this football related board.

      biggest weekend in your football clubs recent history, and what do you produce. thanks for the effort pvt pike but i will stick to the villa side, it may be boring but some times that can be quite pleasant.

      villa til i die brummie for always.

    • http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/football/arsenal/

      Ya do your best to make sure you have the correct facts......then you get srewed. Thanks for the support anyway Butch.

    • "Oh and where did you get 6 red cards from? Get your facts right."

      Try here John, SIX red cards .... but .... that's only in the prem!


      cheers, Derek (John's bestest mate!)

    • Just one thing,
      Arsenal have had SIX players sent off so far this season.
      FIVE of those have been a straight red.
      That 'is' a fact.
      Other facts for both clubs.
      Arsenal have let a 4-0 lead slip away recently. The first time ever in the Premier League.
      Birmingham have failed to score in 9 games this season.
      Arsenals Laurent Koscielny has seen red twice this campaign so far.
      Birmingham are one of only six teams to have a 100% home record in a season.
      Arsenals Ted Drake scored 7 goals at Vile park in one match.
      Birmingham have scored 10 or more in a match on five occasions. More than anyone else.
      Arsenal share the highest score draw, 6-6.
      Birmingham's Lee Bowyer has the most yellow cards in Premier League history, booked 98 times.
      Arsenals Patrick Vieira was sent off an incredible NINE time while with the goonies. (twice in two consecutive matches)
      Birmingham will equal Arsenals League Cup record of two wins if (when) they win the Cup Final..
      Arsenals finals record, won 2 lost 4.
      Blues finals record won 1 lost 1.
      Both sides have lost only three times at home 2010/11 so far.

    • My take on this one is that Wenger is desperate for a trophy so you guys are definitely up against it. After saying that, I've got a feeling that your guys will be under no pressure and quite liable to go out there, enjoy the day and really turn it on. That's how cup finals normally pan out. The 1st 30 mins is the all important factor---nowt nowt at that stage and Brums confidence will grow.
      All the best, have a great day ye all.

    • Hi Nige,

      My post was a direct reply to the poster above, who saw fit to spout some crap on our board, and has employed absolutely no intelligence whatsoever in trying to have a go at Arsenal on this board.

      Cup games are what they are....magical. Although we won at The Emirates, and spanked City at St Andrews, league games are different.

      Truth is no-one should dismiss the opposition when it's a cup game. Leeds, Leyton Orient, Barcelona have definately taught us again what this means.

      Good luck to you and yours Nige. Hope it's a good game.

    • "Arsene Wenger will not underestimate Blues, he knows he has found us hard to beat in the past"

      3 - 0 at St Andrews on New Years tells a different story. ha ha ha

      Oh and where did you get 6 red cards from? Get your facts right.

      Here are a couple of facts for you:-

      Arsenal have scored 57 goals so far this season.
      Birmingham have scored just 25.

      Birmingham have let in 35
      Arsenal have let in just 27

      So your defence is weaker, and our attack is much stronger.

      Your only hope is that we put out a second string team.

      Good luck though.

    • were on our way, yeah great steve but this is what you should all be promoting,

      Birmingham City fans launched a campaign today to drive their matchday anthem ‘Keep Right On’ back into the music charts in time for the Carling Cup Final.

      Mark Rice and several fellow Bluenoses originally came up with the idea to promote the Harry Lauder classic as a bit of a joke.

      But the quirky brainwave is starting to attract widespread interest before the big game against Arsenal on Sunday, February 27

      The goal now is to get the track, sung immediately before and after games at St Andrew’s, back in the charts through downloads and reverberating around Wembley during the cup final against Arsenal.

      “It started as a bit of fun,” said Mark, aged 42. “We kicked the idea about on a fans forum. More and more people got interested and it’s really started to gather momentum.

      “I suppose it’s about galvanising support for the cup final.”

      The song’s connection with Blues is thought to date back to the club’s 1956 FA Cup Final against Manchester City.

      Mark, who is originally from Birmingham but now lives in Wheaton Aston, Staffordshire, said: “There’s nothing better than hearing our supporters belt it out on matchdays – it’s absolutely fantastic.

      “It’s our You’ll Never Walk Alone.

      “Everytime the players come out (of the tunnel) it’s sung by 25,000 Blues supporters and it must get to the players as well as the fans.”

      A Facebook page, highlighting how to download the track, has already attracted more than 650 members and further advice can be found on the message board on Blues’ official club website.

      A short promotional piece is expected to feature in the club’s programme for the home match against Newcastle tomorrow

      As few as 4,000 downloads could see the song return to the top 40 this Sunday so long as they are each priced at more than 40p to comply with chart rules.

      All royalties are expected to go back into Mr Lauder’s estate.

      Read More http://www.birminghammail.net/news/birmingham-news/2011/02/14/birmingham-city-fans-bid-to-return-club-anthem-to-the-charts-97319-28165061/#ixzz1ElwOFFL3

      of course the bit about 25,000 fans singing it at home matches is a bit of writers license lol..

      for 1 week and 1 week only, altogether now

      villa ´til i die. brummie for all eternity.

      • 1 Reply to mouse
      • We need to be careful here Mike,
        If we make the song too popular, then it will be 'stolen' by other clubs.
        A prime example of this is 'shit on the villa'. It was originally sung at Stans to villa fans but soon spread to being sung against any opposition.
        Shortly afterwards it was heard at the Hawthorns and at the Moulinex*
        It has even been heard in far away places such as Hull, Exeter and Blackpool.
        Anyway Mike, this thread's input is very poor considering we are at a major cup final. I really expected fans to be sharing their delight at getting a ticket or dismay at missing out.
        I really fancy our chances, and can see Jerome scoring the winner.
        * deliberate