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  • mouse mouse Feb 26, 2011 17:19 Flag

    some kind of fans hey.

    Birmingham city fc,
    Sunday Feb 27th 2011, Carling cup final, wembley.

    OK so its only the Carling cup final, so why ruin a weekend of slagging and attacking each other over such a trivial trophy, i mean you buggers go to wembley a couple of times most years,
    now i don't know any of you personally, you are just a bunch of names in a cloud, are you fat?, are you tall?, are you a millionaire?, hang 5 i will check your avatar, oh wait, why should i, what does it matter, since when was i so fcuking perfect that i have the right to draw conclusions about you. stupid thing here is that you may be my brother or cousin, some of those are bleedin blue noses Christ even my parents are fcuking noses.
    the point, is there a point, oh yes that was it,
    IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT YOUR FOOTBALL CLUB, NOT YOUR PETTY FCUKING PERSONALITY CLASHES. so look here is a suggestion why dont you all meet up in Morrison's (a good hot cup of tea is real cheap in there), you may know the place just over the road from stán´s, that is if any of you ever go down that way. order yourself a tea, sit down and while you pour the hot liquid and add milk and sugar to your taste, take that moment to think about how perfect you are, when you have worked that out use it as a gauge on your right to judge others. you can then look up and start a conversation with the others there for the same reason, start with a genuine and heartfelt I AM SORRY, and take it from there, when done why not go to a game as that should be something that you have in common, after the final whistle go your own way and give it all a fresh start, maybe reflect on some of your imperfection's. you never know this place could get back to being about football and a bit of banter, done .

    it is a big weekend for your club and i wish you all the success that my family (some are already on their way others will follow later today) deserve for following the club so valiantly through thick and thin.

    K R O and for this weekend why not try to celebrate or commiserate together.

    villa ´til i die.

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    • Standing ovation speech there Mike,
      Take a bow my friend, milk the applause.
      While I understand there will be 'personality' clashes or disagreements in every walk of life, I have to distance myself from this one.
      Nigel is my mate, we live about 15 minutes away from each other. We are off for a beer or two in the very near future.
      I have no axe to grind with Butch.
      I find it annoying that posts are deleted. I really thought the "Apologies" thread put up by Butch was actually entertaining. A bit of a laugh. Now it's gone. Removing each others posts is a bit churlish. Why not leave them up and let people decide for themselves who is right or wrong. Or see if anyone else actually cares.
      You are right Mike, it is a football thread mainly with the occasional diversion to other areas of discussion. Banter should be encouraged.
      As for the Cup Final. Let get amongst them Blues, and play our game. Not theirs.
      There is no right or wrong way to play this great game. The ultimate aim is to win.. By hook or by crook.
      Lets not allow Arsey fans preach 'pure football' then turn a blind eye when their thuggish idols make tackles so bad they warrant a straight red card. As they have on SEVEN occasions so far this season. (the eighth was two yellows)
      Thanks for listening.