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  • busdriver busdriver Mar 22, 2011 00:21 Flag

    Hold your nerve

    That is down to you and your selections; the back four have been outstanding for 2 seasons but due to changes have lost some cohesion.
    Your strike force formations leave much to be desired and why you keep opting for Jerome is beyond belief.
    Another reason why the back four are struggling, they are doing his job too, Ridgewell is joint leading striker. Maybe swapping places with Jerome might be a better option.
    It is you who needs to sort things out and don’t just think because you won a cup you have done your job, When you have emulated Sir Alex in trophies then class your self successful.


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    • I remember that too painted on the wall.

      I agree he is very low on confidence and playing him week in week out won’t help but gone are the days when a few games in the reserves worked wonders for players and fans alike.
      But he wouldn’t have had to if Kev Phillips had been used more.
      I have criticised him all season and probably will next season, but he is a Blues player and I would never boo a player during a game, and as you can recall we have had few bad players over the years.
      I believe we have enough team spirit and determination to stay up, but you know the Blues why do it the easy way, keeps us on our toes right to the last game….


    • Freddie Goodwin,
      He was the first manager I remember. I also recall "Goodwin out" painted on the wall of the railway bridge along St Andrews street. I could never work that one out.
      As for Jerome playing as the lone striker. It was never his choice to plow the lone furrow. He did however, play it to his best ability.
      Did anyone else notice how he went to bits for a short time after he missed the one on one against Bolton? That is a confidence thing, not bought on by not scoring goals but by the stick he got from so called Blues fans.
      Did they really think slating a Birmingham player was helping the cause? It only served to help the opposition.
      But credit to Jerome, he got his head back up, and played his part again. Setting up Gardner for the second.
      The other interesting thing was the comment by Phillips who said he thinks himself and Jerome will form a potent partnership to get the goals to keep us up.
      At least the players have faith in Cameron Jerome along with most 'noses.
      Please don't get me wrong, I am not critizing the right of opinion but not during a game when our Premier League survival is at stake.

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