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  • Looking like we will survive by the skin of our eating gear then !

    Hammers play:

    Blackburn at home. Wigan away. Sunderland home....Win/Win/Win 41 points. Stay up.

    Wolves play:

    Baggies home, Sunderland away. Blackburn home. Win /lose/draw. 38 points and Going Down !

    Wigan play:

    Villa away, West Ham at home, and Stoke away.

    Lose/Lose /lose....34points and going down

    Blackpool play:

    Spurs away, Bolton home, Manchester United away.

    lose/lose/lose. 35 points and going down

    Blackburn play:

    West Ham away. Manchester United home. Wolves away. lose/lose/draw 39 points. Stay up

    Blues play:

    Newcastle away, Fulham home and Spurs away.

    lose/draw/lose. 40points. and stay up.

    I expect the bottom of the table to look like this:

    West Ham 41points
    Birmingham 40points
    Blackburn 39points
    Wolves 38points
    Blackpool 35points
    Wigan 34points

    Any other permitations then ?

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    • I've had a Wiki moment,
      Instant replays are used in American and Canadian football, Tennis, Baseball, Table Tennis, Swimming and I'm pretty sure it was used in a Chess Final once on TV to see if a player had touched a piece or not.
      The ancient body called FIFA led by the incumbent Blatter needs to be bought kicking and screaming into the 21st century.
      I am all for goal line technology, only for goal/no-goal decisions though.
      Just a thought, after MotD, we could have a 'Ref in the Spotlight' half hour where questionable decisions are explained by the man who made them. It would be top TV entertainment.
      Bring it on.

    • He's funny isn't he?

      A real comedian?

      He's wasted delivering his humour on us. He should be on a stage in front of thousands................What a funny man.

      I see a post from Joker and i wonder how much a simple click on the post will make me laugh this time. Or will it be a peice of topical genius with profound implications for how i view the world in future.

      Top Man Mr Joker

    • Your bottom 3 is the same as mine Nig......Doesn't matter what order, i think those will be the 3

    • I have no doubt about our survival.
      Sunday began in disastrous fashion with the penalty and can count ourselves lucky we didn’t have Foster red carded too.
      I suppose taking in account of who the referee was… Kevin Friend, who certainly no friend of The Blues since we have never won a Premiership game he has refereed.
      He has awarded 11 pens this season including 3 (1 for 2 against) in matches involving Birmingham City.
      He not short on controversy either:
      In February 2010, Portsmouth manager Avram Grant was charged by the FA with improper conduct for confronting Friend at half-time over a number of the official's decisions during his team's eventual 1-1 draw with Sunderland. Portsmouth had two penalty appeals disregarded by Friend, who earlier in the match had sent off Portsmouth's Ricardo Rocha and simultaneously awarded Sunderland a penalty. He went on to issue a further two red cards to Sunderland players Lee Cattermole and David Meyler.
      Friend came in for eminent criticism following his handling of a League One match on 10 April 2010 between Norwich City and Milton Keynes Dons. Friend issued 11 yellow cards, including two to Dons player Aaron Wilbraham, disallowed a 32nd-minute Norwich goal for a dubious foul on the goalkeeper, and failed to award an 82nd-minute penalty kick for Norwich for an apparent handball by Wilbraham prior to his sending off.
      On 27 November 2010, Friend was censured by Cardiff City manager Dave Jones for failing to award his team a late penalty in their 2-1 defeat at Queens Park Rangers.
      And again against Wolves we were unlucky not to be given at least one penalty, and at least one Wolves player should have been sent off too.

      That apart, the predictions are fairly accurate but I can’t see West Ham surviving as without Parker they don’t look likely of winning 1 let alone all 3.
      Blackpool needs to win their remaining home game to ensure their own safety.
      So my Prediction is for the current bottom 3 to stay the same.

      • 1 Reply to busdriver
      • Looking back at the game against the Dingles...
        Was Gardner was sent off by the ref because he knows he should have really sent Foster off and was making amends?
        It was a typical game where the man in black wanted to be in the spotlight and not the occasion.
        How on earth Stearman escaped at least a booking for his (tackle?) lunge on Gardner was -in the words of Chris Kamara- 'unbelievable'
        Mr Friend lost control in the first five minutes and for him at least it was game over.
        BD has done his homework on this ref and I ask, is it time these Referees were made accountable? like in rugby for example, where a mike is used to explain the decision. Now that would be fun!
        On to the predictions, for me its the three W's to drop through the door but if one of them were to escape, my money would be on Wigan at the expense of Blackpool.
        Sorry Nige, but as I said at the start of the season, West Ham will go down.
        Out of interest, here are our predictions from July 2010,

        18.West Brom


        Yous truley..
        West Ham


    • cant see West Ham winning all three games.
      Bottom of table
      Blues 41pts
      Blackburn 39
      West Ham 37
      Blackpool 36
      Wolves 36
      Wigan 35.